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How to Reduce Online Technical Support Requests and Time Spent Dealing with Them

Most of the online computer support companies operating across the globe cater client’s queries, irrespective of their time gap and geographical borders. The best thing about availing remote tech support is that a user can ask for virtual tech help …

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Three-Step Guide to Choose Good Antivirus

There are many antiviruses out in the market that are available but the question which one to choose out of these. It is after all a concern for PC security and the protection that an antivirus suite provides. However, if …

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5 Tips that protect you from online threats

Most of the PCs today are connected to the Internet and get loads of information and entertainment to the user but never forget that the internet also has threats such as viruses and malware. Virus and malware authors are producing …

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ESET Smart Security 6: Review

ESET Smart Security 6 is one of the best all-in-one internet security programs for your PC. It features all important security components such as antivirus protection, spam filter, firewall, parental control and privacy protection. The USP of the new ESET …

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Top 5 free antivirus software for Windows PCs

Antivirus is a necessity for your PC to keep it protected from threats such as virus, Trojan, spyware, worm, adware, root kit and keylogger infections. These are the type of threats that can harm your PC and hamper its performance. …

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The top 5free antivirus you can choose in 2012

The term viruses generally refer to a biological microorganism that can infect human body most of the times. This word got an extensive meaning with the invention of computers and to be more precise the popularity of the internet. A …

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