Tech Support Tips to Fix WMI 0×80041013 Error Faced While Installing Exchange Server 2003

Irrespective of the version and edition, you may come across various Windows errors including WMI 0×80041013  error that you may face while installing Exchange Server 2003. The first Microsoft Exchange Server designed by Microsoft was a typical calendaring and mail server. It was employed to run exclusively on the Microsoft Windows Server line of products.

Exchange Server 2003 that was also known as ‘Titanium’ can run on selected platforms like Windows 2000 Server and 32-bit Windows Server 2003. The Exchange Server 2003 has several mode of compatibility to allow users to migrate to the new system gradually. This feature is useful in big organizations with distributed Exchange server environments where you can’t afford the downtime or the cost that you may incur with a complete migration.

The features and benefits are alright, but you face issues while installing Exchange Server 2003 on your computer and you may come across the WMI 0×80041013 error message. However, any error message related to Server can be brain teasing or tricky to diagnose and fix but don’t worry if you have the cushion of online tech support. Once you see the message, you can instantly call a computer repair firm and ask for expert computer services. The modern tech support services are earning massive popularity among PC users globally because of its amazing convenience, cost-efficiency, secure mode of delivery, and follow-up services. But you shouldn’t go for it if you are a geek and confident of troubleshooting the issue yourself.

The current blog offers you detailed information and tips to troubleshoot the 0×80041013. You also get to know about the symptoms and causes of the error. Let us begin with the symptoms of the error.

Symptoms of the Error

You may face the error while installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. During installation, you get to see the below error message:

“WMI error 0×80041013

You can also face the error message while upgrading to Exchange Server 2003. Apart from it, you also face the error while opening the Resultant Set of Policy (RSOP) snap-in. But this time error message will be different as mentioned below:

“Access denied 0×80041003″

Cause of the Error

However, there might be different reasons for the error mentioned above. But the most prominent reason for the error is the incorrect configuration of local policy. If you fail to employ the appropriate manner for configuring the local policy, then you may likely face the error. So if you don’t know how to configure the local policy, then you must call an expert computer repair engineer for the required help.

Steps to Fix the Error

However, Windows errors are common yet you can prevent a majority of the errors by paying due attention to computer services. You must not forget to clear your unimportant hard drive data, defragmenting your hard drive, installing system and security updates, updating your antivirus programs, etc.

But if you are facing the error right now then follow the below-given steps to troubleshoot the error:

  • Navigate to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > then click Local Security Policy.
  • Next, you need to expand Local Policies, and then click User Rights Assignment.
  • Now, move to the right pane and double-click Impersonate a client after authentication.
  • Click ‘Add User or Group.’
  • Click ‘Advanced,’ and then click ‘Object Type.’
  • Click to select the following check boxes:
  1. Built-in security principals
  2. Groups
  3. Users
  • Now click ‘OK,’ and then click ‘Find Now.’
  • Press CTRL, and then click the below-listed accounts:
  1. Administrators
  3. IIS_WPG
  • Then, click OK thrice.
  • Finally restart the server.

Now you can install Exchange Server 2003 or upgrade to Exchange Server 2003 without facing any error like before.


Dealing technology under ambiguity is may produce alarming consequences for your PC and devices. You should never advance your steps if you are not entirely sure of its ways and repercussions. A miscalculated step may become a sufficient reason for ruining your data and applications. For an organization, data and information are considered its asset, and utmost care should be taken to safeguard and protect it. So always choose the safest way to troubleshoot your PC and other devices.

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Tech Support Tips to Fix WMI 0×80041013 Error Faced While Installing Exchange Server 2003
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