How to Fix “Stop 0×00000116″ Error on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008

Being a long time Windows user you know it very well that errors and symptoms are part and parcel of computing, and you may face them any time. But you need not worry much about such issues because they are quite manageable. You can easily fix such errors if you are an advanced PC user, or you can… call online tech support services in case you lack knowledge about computers. In this blog post, we will discuss causes, symptoms and troubleshooting steps to resolve one very common error – “Stop 0×00000116.” You see the error message flashing on your PC screen when you hot-plug a display to the secondary display port. You mostly face the issue while using a computer running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.

0x00000116 errorGetting an issue with your PC is always a scary experience because it stops you from performing all your computing tasks including emailing, web browsing, research or data storage. But don’t bother as you always have the option to go for an online PC repair for troubleshooting such issues. If you are a novice PC user with a basic understanding of computers and operating system, then it is advisable that you go for expert computer help to get it fixed.

Let us first understand the issue by looking at its symptoms. Understanding the symptoms will help in troubleshooting the error in an efficient manner.


You face the error in following scenarios:

  • You have a PC that runs Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.
  • If you configure the display settings to use dual displays in clone mode.
  • You unplug the secondary display.
  • The display of the system turns blank because you have configured the system to turn off the display output after inactivity.

In these scenarios, you may face the following Stop error message:

Stop 0×00000116 (parameter1, parameter2, 00000000, parameter4)


Here you must take into consideration that parameters in these Stop error messages may vary according to the actual configuration. The symptoms of the error may vary depending on the system failure of your computer. For example, the PC may restart when the Stop error takes place.

Causes of the Error

Windows errors usually take place because of both software and hardware issues. Only a certified computer technician can establish it precisely that why the error is taking place. It mostly takes place when you upgrade or install a new application or software on your computer. Corrupted device drivers and a malfunctioning Windows Registry may be other reasons for the error.


Calling online tech support is the best way to deal with such critical Windows errors. Once you call the helpdesk, you immediately get connected to an expert technician to assist you with instant PC repair.  But it is not the only way deal with the error. You can try troubleshooting the error yourself if you have a sound knowledge of computers.

To help users troubleshoot the error, Microsoft offers specific Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 hotfixes. However, you will find only one of these products on the ‘Hotfix Request’ page on the Microsoft Support website. If you want the hotfix package that applies to both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, then you need to select the product listed on the page.

tech support

You can download the hotfix from the “Hotfix download available” section at the top of the Knowledge Base article. You can download it only if it is available for download. If you don’t find the tool, then you can also contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support to get the same.

Download the appropriate hotfix to fix the Stop 0×00000116 error without employing any third-party computer help. But if the hotfix fails to deliver the required results then you should immediately call a reliable tech support helpdesk and talk to an expert solution engineer to obtain the required help.


Every PC user uses his PC to perform a variety of tasks including emailing, web browsing, storing data, and others. A Windows error may compromise the security of your PC or ruin the hard drive to make you lose all your valuable data and information. Considering these reasons, it becomes extremely necessary to take prompt actions to get it fixed. So if you are not able to troubleshoot the error, then pick up your phone and call a computer support firm to get instant computer help.

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How to Fix “Stop 0×00000116″ Error on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008
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