How to Fix “The Remote Procedure Call Failed and Did Not Run” Error in a Windows Server 2003 PC


In the last decade, the industry of personal computers and devices has undergone a massive evolution to make computing easier than ever. Today we have touch-enabled devices, with high-performance hardware components, quicker processors and many other benefits. Despite all these advantages, users may come across a variety of errors… or issues that may take place because of malfunctioning software or hardware components. In the current blog post, you will get information about “The Remote Procedure Call Failed and Did Not Run” error that you may face on your Windows computer. 

The blog describes strategies to troubleshoot the error message that you see when a remote procedure call (RPC) fails on a Windows Server 2003-based domain. Although the tips mentioned in the blog are quite helpful, but to use them effectively, you must carry a sound knowledge about computers and operating system. If you lack technical knowledge about computers or software, then the best way to get it fixed is to call an online computer support firm for quick and efficient PC help. Such firms provide quick computer repairs through certified technicians to troubleshoot the error by taking the minimum time. Keep reading the blog if you are an advanced PC user and want to fix your PC on your own. 

Let us first know about the symptoms of the error in detail. 


You see the error message on your PC screen when a remote procedure call (RPC) fails in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003-based domain. If the RPC fails then you will see the following error message on your screen: 

The remote procedure call failed and did not run”

It usually happens when the RPC service successfully connects to port 135, but later RPC call fails to connect. 

Causes of the Error 

The RPC failure that gets reported in 1727 error takes place when RPC requires a port that remains blocked. A port gets blocked because of faulty packets, firewall rules, and port filtering or the network gets configured in an inappropriate manner. 

The presence of 1727 error indicates that the local domain controller is unable to access the replication RPC process of a domain controller for replication partner. However, the domain controller will successfully reach its end-point mapper. The user sees the following error if the domain controller fails to reach its end-point mapper. 

“RPC Server is unavailable”

The RPC server is unavailable

Steps for Resolution

After you learnt about symptoms and causes, you must know and understand the ways for quick computer repairs to get the error fixed. In case the tips don’t work to resolve the error then the best way is to call an online computer support firm for the best PC help. But first learn the steps given below and try them on your computer. 

First of all, you need to review the logs of event belonging to the replication partner for related error messages. You should do it if any events get logged for the RPC failure. The dynamic ports used for Active Directory replication may get blocked by the firewall. It happens if the domain controllers in the domain get separated by a firewall. By default, the dynamic ports start with 1024. 

Next, you need to verify the RPC connectivity by scrutinizing the network traffic. 

Perform the following steps to scrutinize the network traffic for verifying the RPC connectivity: 

  • Capture a network trace on all replication partner domain controllers simultaneously. 
  • Synchronize replication using one of the domain controllers. 
  • Now, verify that the replication initiator sends the RPC Bind request to the replication RPC process. 
  • You also need to verify that the RPC Bind request reaches at the replication partner subnet. 
  • Now verify that the replication partner sends the RPC Bind Ack answer to the replication partner subnet. 
  • Finally, check the configuration of the firewall. 

You should now get the error fixed once you follow the suggestions described above. However, there might be a probability that the error continues to appear. In such cases, you need advanced diagnosis and PC help from certified computer technicians.

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No tips and troubleshooting steps can guarantee the resolution and the remote procedure call failed error is not an exception to it. But applying the most reliable troubleshooting tips is the primary requirement to rectify the error. If you fail to fix the error on your own, then look for other viable alternatives like expert computer support to get it fixed.

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How to Fix “The Remote Procedure Call Failed and Did Not Run” Error in a Windows Server 2003 PC
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