How to Deal With Uncertain Alienware Alpha Issues

PC gaming is experiencing a great boom, and most of the hardcore gamers try to buy latest gaming gadgets to enjoy unmatched entertainment and excitement. Most of the OEMs are struggling hard to come up with innovative gaming hardware products that can fetch end consumers at large. A lot of medical practitioners claim that a few hours of gaming can kill your daily work stress and make you feel refreshed and relaxed. There are endless benefits of home gaming equipment, but the major issue that every user may face is – which gaming gadget he should buy and why?

alienware alpha

Alienware Alpha, the new gaming device by DELL, answers this question in a unique way. The device incorporates the capabilities of both a console and a desktop to cater your diversified requirements. You can easily switch between the ‘Console’ and ‘Desktop’ mode by simply pressing a few buttons on its Xbox controller. The best thing about the gadget is that it comes with free Alienware content. You can experience endless gaming sessions without buying any computer game initially. It also allows you to stream computer games directly from the Steam’s Library without creating a separate account or submitting any additional fees.

Read the article below to know some of the common issues that you may face while using this amazing gaming hardware and find out how Alienware’s professionals can fix them up:

What are the Common Gaming Issues You May Face While Using This Product?

Undoubtedly, the gaming device incorporates some of the best tech specifications to deliver a smoother and faster gaming experience, but it may experience certain performance flaw over time. Screen hangs, unable to play certain computer games, problems while streaming the free Alienware content, and many other issues may interrupt your pleasing gaming environment.

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Many end users complain that they are unable to find the suitable sections that can help them to customize their Alienware Alpha experience. Game optimizations, performance issues, speed problems, and distortions in visual content are some of the other major issues that Alpha users may face over time. Additionally, small glitches, low frames per second, PC lags, and other issues may make you feel frustrated when you and your family wish to enjoy endless gaming.

What Alienware Offers to Resolve Such Problems?

The first thing any computer technician will ask you to do is to download and install the Alienware updates. Half of your tech issues may get resolved by simply downloading the latest updates and security patches available on the product’s website. Dell and Alienware acknowledge that you love games hence, you can contact the company for availing the following specialized support plans that can help you fix most of your Alienware issues:

1.       Game Customization and Personalization

The support plan helps in fixing the user’s common complaints by simply personalizing the entire Alpha experience. It can help you to transform the entire way you play as per your specific demands and requirements. Alienware technicians can enhance and customize your gameplay by enabling add-ons like in-game chatting, social gaming, web browsing, web gaming portals, and modifications sections. Following are some of the exclusive services that you enjoy under this support plan:

  • Instant assistance for your already installed games.
  • Install MODS for one of your games.
  • Recommends third-party programs to manage and enhance your gaming experience.
  • Downloads and sets up support for various gaming communication software.

 2.       Game Performance Optimization

Sub-standard graphics, sound distortions, and poor sound capabilities may make you feel annoyed while enjoying your favorite desktop games. Most of you have a habit of trusting your eyes and ears while you’re on the battlefield, but distortions in the audio and video quality can ruin everything. Availing this plan can help you to tweak certain settings that can set the highest possible audio and image quality, and delivers a realistic feel.

The support plan incorporates the following services:

  • Network and router configurations for uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  • Optimization of already installed games and other connected hardware equipment.
  • Adjusts game settings for optimal gameplay.
  • Tweaks system’s video card settings for optimal performance and best possible image quality.

 3.       In-Game Troubleshooting

The most annoying thing you may face while using this gaming device is that it doesn’t allow you to play your favorite games. Small glitches, lags, low frames per second, and other common performance flaws can increase your stress and make you feel frustrated. At this time, you will require running a full diagnostic on your device to find and fix the errors that are affecting your gameplay.

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Following are some of the services included in the support plan:

  • Locate and repair issues restricting an already installed game from getting launched.
  • Repair in-game distorted or missing textures.
  • Fix distorted audio/video playback and low video frame rate.
  • Repair sudden image loss and frozen image issues.
  • Repair game freezing issues and any error messages impeding appropriate gameplay.


Alienware Alpha impresses a lot of worldwide users with its dual-mode support, but the gadget may experience certain performance flaws that may make you feel annoyed. It is important to keep the tech specifications of the product in mind while purchasing your desired gaming content or availing subscriptions of several gaming portals. Install Alienware updates regularly to ensure minimal or negligible damages or performance issues. All in all, Alpha is not just a gaming console, it is way beyond a traditional gaming and computing equipment.

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How to Deal With Uncertain Alienware Alpha Issues
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