Dashlane: Its Features, Security Potential and Benefits

If you are serious about your Internet security, then you must be aware of how important it is to have strong passwords. However, creating, memorizing and managing strong passcodes for multiple online accounts is not an easy task. A strong passcode needs to be of a proper length; it should be unique and comprise symbols and numbers. Then, you should repeat your passcodes or use it on more than one website. It is also important that you should change the passcodes after an interval of two or three months, etc.

DashlaneThankfully, there are password managers or password management systems that are extremely helpful in the process of strong and unique passcode creation, storage and management. There is a plethora of password management tools available to choose from. Dashlane is one of the best password managers trusted by millions of users. The tool is preferred because of its easy users interface (UI), basic features, and advanced features. If you want to learn more about this tool to analyze its pros and cons, then this blog describes the Dashlane password manager in regards to its encryption, browser integration, and threat prevention.


It is a highly popular tool that claims to keep your passwords completely secured through its AES-256 encryption. In an encrypted format, the user’s login credentials get stored in the software’s password database. Decryption of the login credentials is possible only by using the master password. That is why the master password is shared only with the user. Apart from him, nobody else gets to know the master password, not even the Dashlane’s employee. The master password neither gets stored anywhere, nor it gets shared. Even if Dashlane’s server gets hacked, user’s password remains safe because they exist in an encrypted format that can be decrypted only by using the master password.

When you decrypt the passcodes stored in the Dashlane’s password database, the decrypted content doesn’t get stored anywhere, not even locally. Thus, there are no chances of your passcodes getting flushed or stored anywhere in your browser history or computer.

Even when the passwords exist in the encrypted format, they get stored locally on your computer. At no point, your passwords get stored online. However, there is the option through which you can sync your login credentials with Cloud. Keeping the passcodes on your Cloud will let you access your login credentials even from a computer in which Dashlane is not installed.

Browsers Integration   

Dashlane password manager is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE) and Safari. The password management tool also supports easy import of passcodes from the browsers to Dashlane’s password database. For instance, if you have already stored your login credentials of different websites with your browsers, then this password management tool will allow easy importing of passwords.

Dashlane password manager

Internet Security

When you use a tool like Dashlane password manager, you certainly want to know the benefits you will have in terms of Internet security. Using this tool, you will be able to avail the following benefits that will enhance your online security:

  • If you are using a weak password, it will send you alerts.
  • Using this tool, you can create strong passwords that are difficult to crack.
  • If you have been using any of the passcodes for a long time and wanted to change it, then the tool allows you to change the password through a single click.
  • It sends you alert messages whenever a new security breach gets discovered.
  • The tool auto-fills your login credentials, and thus you don’t require memorizing the long passcodes.


If managing passwords has turned difficult for you, then you can make it simple by using Dashlane. Once you start using the tool, you will become confident that you are using strong, difficult to crack and unique passcodes for your online accounts. The USP of the tool is that it even memorizes, and auto-fills your login credentials, whenever you want to sign into any website. Thus, you can start using this password management system and strengthen your online security by making your online accounts exceedingly inaccessible to hackers. The tool is compatible with Windows computers, Mac computers, iOS and Android Devices

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Dashlane: Its Features, Security Potential and Benefits
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