Tips to Fix VIPRE Internet Security Suite If the Scan Hangs or Freezes

Malware authors, computer infections, and online hackers make it difficult for you to manage PC security and privacy. Since they can gain access to your online accounts, data-rich systems, and networks, you will require installing a robust antivirus suite to avoid online crimes. Installing a security program with virus removal properties ensures a safer computing environment and prevents threats from coming back. Online hackers may use different mediums to get into your device, but a strong Internet protection can fail all of their attempts. In the present world, where getting infected is just a click away, you must install some advanced protection tools to establish a strong security shield across your devices, networks, and online accounts.

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Benefits of VIPRE Online Protection

VIPRE Internet Security is one of the most powerful online protection tools that can help in keeping malicious threats, computer infections, and online hackers at bay. The security tool is available in both FREE and PREMIUM versions, so you can download the edition that suits your requirements to perform virus removal. VIPRE Premium comes with some extra features, advanced threat detection capabilities, and real-time protection support to enhance the security shield across your stuff.

The application will extend the boundaries of the system and online protection to safeguard your devices, networks, and web accounts from potential hackers and cyber threats. It will scan almost everything that exist on your device and provide a detailed scan report to quarantine malicious threats with ease. Many a times, you may face issues while running system scans on your device and it may leave your devices and networks open for cyber attacks. Several technical issues, software conflicts, and other problems may lead to system hangs or freezes whenever you start scanning it.

Following are some of the tweaks that can help you to fix the problems that you may face while running system scan:

Tips to Fix the Issues that Compel the Scans to Get Stuck in the Middle

If the scan is taking too long or is experiencing hangs in the middle, then you must find out the exact file on which the scanner is hanging on. Once detect the faulty file or affected log information, then you can connect with the VIPRE support to get instant solutions for the same. If you’re unable to find the exact cause of the issue, then follow these tips to find the cause of the hangs or freezes:

  1. Browse to VIPRE’s official website, and then find the link to download ‘VIPRE Rescue.’
  2. Download the utility on your device and run the installer file to install, and launch it.
  3. Once your PC screen notifies that the utility is running a scan, then you can check that the log information gets created in ‘C:\VIPRERescue.’
  4. Locate the log files that are present in the folder, with ‘.csv’ as their extension, and find the cause for the VIPRE’s scan.

Tips to Fix If the VIPRE Scan Gets Stuck at a Certain File

Many a times, you may come across situations where the VIPRE scan gets stuck at a certain file and never finishes the process. The situation may occur when you’re trying to run a VIPRE scan, and it stays on the same file for too long. You will require whitelisting that particular file to get the issue resolved.

Follow these tips to whitelist that particular file and continue to scan the other files stored on your device:

  1. Note the location where the scan is getting stuck.
  2. Launch the application and select the ‘Manage’ tab.
  3. Click the ‘Antivirus’ section and scroll down till you see the ‘Exclude from Scans’ section.
  4. Click the ‘Manage Excluded Items’ button to whitelist the file that is interrupting in scan completion.
  5. Click the ‘Add New Location or File’ button to browse to the location where the affected file exists.
  6. Click the ‘Apply’ button to add the exclusion to the scan.
  7. Now, close everything and run the VIPRE scan again to resolve the issue.
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VIPRE Internet Security suite is an efficient antivirus, antimalware, antispyware, and an online protection tool that keeps security threats at bay. The security program establishes a strong security shield across your devices, networks, and web accounts to ensure that they never get compromised. Installing the VIPRE free antivirus version can block, detect, and remove all the viruses installed on your device. But the advanced VIPRE Premium version helps in blocking and removing computer threats in real-time to offer an enhanced online protection.

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Tips to Fix VIPRE Internet Security Suite If the Scan Hangs or Freezes
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