Computer Support Tips to Fix 0×00000116 Windows Error With Disk Cleanup

If your computer has started crashing often, or the performance of your PC has decreased considerably, then it indicates towards a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) error that might take place on your computer. Like other machines and gadgets, your system is also subject to errors and issues but these problems are not that major so there is no need to panic. “0×00000116” is one of those errors that you may come across because of issues with Windows Registry, RAM or virtual memory, hard disk corruption, driver conflict, virus or malware infection, and others.0x00000116

In this blog, you will get very useful information and effective troubleshooting tips to fix 0×00000116 on your PC. If you are facing the symptoms mentioned above, then you may become the next victim of this critical error. Once the error occurs on your computer, the most critical task to perform is to track and establish the cause of the error. Unless, you establish the exact cause of the problem, fixing it will be a difficult task for you. To fix the error, you can either take help of a professional computer support company or look for a local technician for instant computer help. But if you are a long-time PC user with a very good knowledge of computers, then there is no need to spend money on a computer technician instead you can fix it on your own.

This blog will help you fix the error if you are willing to fix the issue on your own. You just need to follow the tips and instructions mentioned below. In this blog, you will find tips if you are facing the error because of system junk or temporary files and folders.

Symptoms of the Error

Computer SupportLike other BSoD stop errors, 0×116 also appears with a blue screen along with the texts describing the error message. The flashing of error message on your laptop screen confirms its presence, and you need to take action to resolve it at the earliest. Before the error occurs, you may start facing frequent computer hangs, slow system, and other strange PC behavior. Once you notice these symptoms on your PC, you should act briskly and talk to a computer support company to get it fixed.

Causes of the Error

Like symptoms and troubleshooting steps, it is equally important to know the factors that are causing the error. Firstly, it helps in understanding the error well and secondly it makes you aware so that you can prevent the error in future.

Find below some of the causes of the error:

•    Outdated or corrupt driver.

•    Junk files and folders.

•    Corrupt registry.

•    Corrupt system files.

•    Virus and malware infection.

•    Incompatible device drivers.

How to Resolve

If you are using your PC for a long time, then it might accumulate junk files as a result of usual web surfing and computer use. If you don’t clean the junk periodically, then it will certainly create trouble to impede the smooth functioning of Windows OS. Firstly, it will make your PC miserably slow and then also cause the VIDEO_TDR_ERROR error. It may also take place because of file conflicts and over occupied hard drive. To fix the issue, you need to clean up or remove temporary files with Disk Cleanup. It will not just fix the error but also improve the PC performance significantly.

Steps to run Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr) on Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8 PCs:

•    Start the process by clicking the ‘Start’ button

•    Now type “Command” in the search box but don’t press ENTER now.

•    Hit ENTER while holding ‘CTRL+Shift’ on your keyboard together.

•    A permission box will appear in which you need to click ‘Yes.’

•    Next, a black box will open with a blinking cursor.

•    In the box, you need to type “cleanmgr” and then hit ENTER.

•    Once you hit Enter, the disk cleanup begins. It calculates that how much of the disk space you can reclaim. The Disk Cleanup dialog box appears with multiple checkboxes that you can select. In the majority of cases, the ‘Temporary Files’ category occupies most of the disk space.

•    You need to check the categories of the box that you want to clean and then finally click OK.

By using the above methods, you can clean your PC from junks and temporary files and folders occupying your hard drive unnecessarily. If the error is taking place because of system junks, then you will no more face the error.


As stated above, there might be a variety of factors to cause the critical 0×00000116 error. In this blog post, you read about tips to remove junks. But if it doesn’t work then, there might be some other issue with the PC or the operating system. The best way to deal with the error is to call a computer support company and seek instant computer help only through a well-trained and expert computer technician. In the mean time, you can read our other posts explaining resolutions to fix the error.


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Computer Support Tips to Fix 0×00000116 Windows Error With Disk Cleanup
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