Restore Mac to factory Settings and Improve the Performance of Your Mac

If you have got a slow Mac, then worry not. In this blog, you will read a couple of easy and quick tips that will help in revitalizing your device. When you receive adverse performance from your device, most of the times the memory and the hard drive are the culprits to blame. This blog describes how factory restore takes care of the hard drive and memory, and thus, helps in improving the performance of your Mac.

Restore mac to factory settings

With the release of each new version of Mac OS X, Apple brings to its users new set of features or applications. However, these features make the device hungry for RAM and hard drive space. If your Mac system doesn’t have sufficient space and RAM, then the sophisticated applications will not just fail to perform, but will also take a toll on your PC’s overall performance. Thus, to keep your Mac at the peak of its performance, either you can upgrade the RAM and hard drive space, or you can factory reset the device.

Upgrading the RAM and hard drive space is a hardware troubleshooting technique. Also, it is a money affair as you require buying a new and advanced RAM and hard drive for your device. However, you can also overcome the problem by choosing to restore Mac to factory settings.

Read below to learn how the factory reset can help you in tackling Mac performance issues especially by creating hard drive space and wiping the memory:

How Mac Factory Restore Can Revitalize the system’s Performance?

Factory restoreAs you continue using your Mac for long, you end up adding too many files, folders, software, and apps. Each of these components is consuming certain part of your hard drive space. Certainly, there are many files, folders and even software/apps that you are not using at all or using very rarely. Still these components are consuming your hard drive space and memory.

When you install new software programs/apps on your Mac, the system’s performance might get compromised if there is not enough hard drive space and memory to accommodate the new data or software. Probably some unwanted software is unnecessarily occupying space. In such a scenario, all you need is an opportunity to start with your Mac all over again. If you can make your Mac as it was when you purchased it, then you will get an opportunity to choose your software programs, apps, files and folders depending on your need. Thus, you will be able to discard those data or software that you are not using any more or using very rare.

The Results of Factory Restore

If you reboot to factory settings, then you are commanding your stem to wipe out the memory and completely erase the hard drive. That means the OS, data (files and folders), software programs, applications, settings & configuration, etc. will get erased. A fresh copy of the OS will get reinstalled, and along with that the default settings and configuration will get installed. In short, after restoring Mac to factory settings, your system will be like a newly purchased Mac. Thus, it will not have anything installed on it previously. It also means that the hard drive space will be completely available for use, except the section of the space occupied by the system files and data. The memory will also get completely wiped.

You can sum up the benefits of factory restore as following:

•    A fresh copy of operating system will get installed.

•    The hard drive will get completely erased, and all space will get available for use.

•    The memory gets wiped out.

•    All the old files, folders, software programs, and apps will get deleted.


Thus, once you restore Mac to factory settings, all your old data gets deleted. Thereby, before performing a factory reset, you need to create a backup of all the data on your hard drive. Once, you have created the backup, reset Mac to factory settings and transform your Mac to a just-out-of-the-box like Mac. Now, you have a Mac with empty hard drive and clean memory. Now, you can be selective and install only the data that you need to use frequently. Similarly, you can install the latest applications and software. Since, now you have available space on your hard drive, thus, installing sophisticated apps and software programs won’t create system’s performance issues such as freezing, hangs, etc.

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Restore Mac to factory Settings and Improve the Performance of Your Mac
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