How to Restore Mac to Factory Settings to Clean Install Mac OS X

Yosemite has many interesting and useful new features. If you want to get benefited from those features, then it’s time to upgrade to Yosemite. Upgrading to Yosemite is a good option, but many users prefer a clean OS install. A clean install gives the users an opportunity to have a fresh start. Moreover, Mac OS X clean install has many added advantages in comparison to simple OS X upgrading. In this article, you will read about advantages of performing a clean install, and will also learn the method of OS X clean installation.

Why You Should Go for Mac OS X Clean Install

Restore mac to factory settings By performing Mac OS X clean install, you can get the latest copy of Mac operating system and can restore Mac to factory settings. By restoring Mac to factory settings, you are programming your computer for the following actions:

•    The system’s hard drive will get completely erased.

•    All the apps/ files/applications, except the default ones, will get removed.

•    The settings and configuration will get restored to the default settings.

•    A fresh copy of Mac operating system will get installed.

 Install Only the Useful Data

That means, once you factory restore your Mac, all the apps, data, settings, etc. will get omitted. After the clean install, all you will have on your computer is a fresh copy of Mac OS X Yosemite and the default apps, files, and settings. In a nutshell, your device will be more like just-out-of-box device. Thus, if you choose OS X Yosemite clean installation over simple upgrading, then you can take it as an opportunity to start from the scratch. That is because, factory restore deletes everything, and you need to install data afresh. Here, you can select and install only the useful data.

Get Rid of Unused Data/Software/Apps

Moreover, there is always some unnecessary data stored on our computer that you would like to discard. When you do the simple upgrading, the installer of the new OS collectively picks up all the old data and dumps it on the newly installed OS. That may cause many problems, such as unnecessary slow down. Restoring Mac to factory settings and performing a clean installation is like an opportunity, where you can discard the unwanted data.

 Don’t Forget to Create Data Backup

Before all you need to do is to create a data backup of your Mac using an external hard drive. Then restore Mac to factory settings. That will completely wipe out the hard drive and install the fresh copy of Yosemite. Now, you can check the data backup on the external hard drive, and import only those files and data that are important for you. You can leave the section of data that you never use or rarely use on the external drive for future use. Also, you can freshly start installing the software and apps on your device. In this way, your system will only have those apps or software that you are frequently using. That will also keep the device free of those piles of unused apps or software that are unnecessarily capturing hard drive space.

 The Method of Mac Factory Restore

By now, you must have grasped a better understanding of why you should go for factory restore and clean install rather than performing a simple OS X upgrade. Read below to learn how you can reset Mac to factory settings and clean install the OS X Yosemite.

You can easily restore your Mac to factory settings by removing the Mac’s hard drive, then reinstalling the fresh copy of Yosemite. You can either install the Yosemite from Apple App store or can use a bootable installation drive.

•    Make sure your computer has a high-speed Internet connectivity.

•    Go to your system’s desktop.

•    Go to the menu bar and choose ‘Apple’ menu.

•    Select, ‘Restart.’

•    Once your device restarts, allow the grey screen to appear.

•    Now, together hold the ‘Command’ and ‘R’ keys.

•    Now, the ‘Disk Utility’ window will open.

•    Here, click ‘Continue.’

•    Then, select your startup disk.

•    Next, click the ‘Erase’ tab.

•    Here, under the Format menu, select ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled).’

•    Then, give a name.

•    Then, click ‘Erase.’

•    Wait, till the disk gets erased.

•    Once, it gets finished, choose ‘Disk Utility.’

•    Then, select ‘Quit Disk Utility.’

•    That will bring you back to ‘OS X Utilities’ menu.

•    Here, select ‘Install OS X.’

•    Accept the ‘Terms of Service.’

•    Next, select the destination from where you want to install the fresh copy of Yosemite. You can select a bootable installation drive (make sure it’s connected to your system) or you can install a copy directly from the Apple App Store.


With these steps, you can successfully get Yosemite clean installation done on your computer. Before performing a clean install and restoring Mac to factory settings, you need to create a proper data backup. After, you complete the installation of Yosemite, you can start importing your stored data from the backup drive. Here, you can avoid importing the data that you don’t use or use rarely. In this way, your Mac gets a fresh copy of OS X and only the useful data.


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How to Restore Mac to Factory Settings to Clean Install Mac OS X
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