Tech Support Tweaks to Fix Different Cases of the “0×80004005” Error

System errors are uncertain, and they are capable of putting your productivity to an indefinite halt. It is true that repairing Windows errors is not easy at all, but you can avail remote IT solutions to get rid of them in one go. Read below to know three different cases of the “0×80004005” error and PC troubleshooting tips to repair the same.

0x80004005Windows OS is popular system software that can offer endless productivity, entertainment, and enhanced computer functionalities. The operating system incorporates some of the best security features and productive tools that can help in completing crucial computing tasks with ease. Microsoft releases regular system updates and security patches to keep their system software up-to-date, but sometimes uncertainties may attack your device and put your productivity to an end. The “0×80004005” error is one of the most common Windows errors that may occur on your devices and enforce you to stop all the computing activities and currently running processes. The error code may occur due to various reasons, so read the blog to know about the three critical error cases that you may face on a Windows PC:

Case1: Error Occurs While Starting ‘OpalisActionService’ Service

Error Occurs You may experience the error code while attempting to start ‘OpalisActionService’ service using the Windows Services applet. The error will not allow the service to get started and display the “Error 0×80004005: Unspecified Error” message. The occurrence of the error code will force the Action Server logs to capture the following error description:

“Cannot open DB connection.”

“[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.”


The main reason for the occurrence of the error is that the ‘OpalisActionService’ process is unable to connect to the database. A user may experience the issue if any of the following reasons are true:

  • The database instance is not running currently.
  • The hostname provided for database server does not get resolve correctly via DNS.
  • The service is referring an incorrect database instance.
  • A non-standard TCP/IP port might have got configured for TCP/IP connectivity.
  • The user account does not have adequate rights or permissions to access the database.

Tech Support Tweaks for Resolving the Error Code

Method 1: Confirm Database Instance is Running

If the database instance is not running, then your Windows device will not be able to accept the connections from the OpalisActionService. The OpalisActionService will terminate the application opening process if the database instance is unable to make initial contact. You can easily resolve the error by establishing a dependency in the OpalisActionService on the database instance service.

Method2: Check Database Server Hostname

Observe the database server hostname carefully and ensure that it does not have a typo and validate mistakes to resolve the error. An appropriate hostname will never respond to network traffic and thus end up displaying the error code.

Method3: Correct Database Instance

Check your system details and other important information to confirm that your device is referencing to the appropriate instance while responding the network traffic or connecting to the service mentioned above.

Method4: Verify Database Instance Port

A computer support technician will always recommend validating that the system is using the expected port for configuring the service. If not, users will not be able to access the OpalisActionService and may experience various error codes on their PC screens.

Method5:  Apply Correct User Account Permissions

Your IT solutions engineer might have assigned a user account for using Opalis Integration Server Database Configuration utility. The configured account must have all the read and write permissions to the Opalis database and using the same account will never allow this error to occur.

Case2: Error Occurs While Adding a Playlist to Windows Media Player

Windows Media PlayerYou may receive an error while copying an audio CD or adding a playlist to Windows Media Player. The problem is likely to occur on the Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 and Microsoft Windows Media Player 8 versions. The error code may put your entertainment to an end while adding a playlist to Media Player. Some of you may also face the error while copying an Audio CD by clicking ‘Copy Music’ or ‘Copy from CD’ option. The error message will contain the following description:

“You have encountered an error, Error number 0×80004005 sorry no more help is available.

Unspecified Error”

You will get the error while performing one of the following procedures:

The error occurs when the ‘wmplibrary_v_0_12.db’ and ‘wmplibrary_v_0_12.LRD’ files get damaged or corrupted.

How a Computer Support Technician Will Resolve the Error?

You must delete the two files mentioned above to get rid of the error and resume the operation of your Windows Media Player. Follow the PC troubleshooting tips mentioned below and restart Windows Media Player to re-create the two deleted files:

  1. Close your Windows Media Player.
  2. Right-click the ‘Start’ button and click the ‘Explore’ button.
  3. Go to ‘Tool’ menu and click ‘Folder Options.’
  4. Now, click the ‘View’ tab.
  5. Click the respective checkbox to remove the ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ checkmark.
  6. Click the ‘Show Hidden files and folders’ option and click ‘OK.’
  7. Locate the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Index” folder and delete the ‘wmplibrary_v_0_12.db’ and ‘wmplibrary_v_0_12.LRD’ files.
  8. Now, start Windows Media Player to apply the changes and check if the error gets resolved.

Case 3: Error Occurs While Importing a Personal Address Book File in MS Outlook

MS OutlookUsers may receive the “MAPI error 0X80004005″ error message while importing a Personal Address Book file in the MS Outlook. You will experience the error code on Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Outlook 2002 Standard Edition when you try to import a Personal Address Book. The error message appearing on your PC screens will have the following details:

“An error occurred while importing or exporting and the import/export was terminated.

MAPI error 0X80004005 was reported. Please try to import/export later.”

The chief reason for the occurrence of the error is the Personal Address Book file that gets stored on a read-only medium or has the read-only property.

Remote tech support guides available over the web can offer the workaround to this problem. To work around the behavior, you will require moving the Personal Address Book file to a location having the write-only permissions.


The error code may have numerous reasons for its occurrence, but knowing the exact cause can help to apply correct computer troubleshooting tips. If you think that availing IT solutions online is the only way to fix the error, then contact a reliable computer support for seamless PC solutions. You can also seek tech help over chat or phone call to resolve the error as soon as possible. Tech support technicians recommend troubleshooting PC errors immediately to avoid causing any serious damage to PC parts and components.


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Tech Support Tweaks to Fix Different Cases of the “0×80004005” Error
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