Online Tech Support to Troubleshoot 0×80070057 Windows Error

Error messages in Microsoft Windows occur frequently; it is one of the annoying sights that can appear on your screen especially when working on important information or researching on the internet. One such error message is 0×80070057 system error; it states that “An internal error has occurred: The parameter is incorrect: (0×80070057).” This error is commonly related to Windows update, backup and restores programs, and Microsoft office outlook 2010. Notably, most computer users do not understand the error or it interpret it either; such users need efficient PC help. This blog provides useful step-by-step computer service to troubleshoot the error.

Causes of the 0×80070057 Error

tech supportThe error may occur mainly on Windows 7 systems when formatting the hard drive during installation or backing up files on little available memory of hard drive. Besides the error can appear while checking for Windows updates, obsolete registry entry, and Software Distribution folder problem and reduced disk space.

Troubleshooting the Error

The tech support has provided efficient troubleshooting techniques to provide the required PC help; these are step-by-step computer service guide that resolves the error.

Option 1) Obsolete Registry Entries

An obsolete registry is a common cause of the error; Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer software can be used to remove the obsolete registry entries and repair the registry. Download the software, perform a complete scan on your system and click on ‘repair all’ to fix all issues with the registry.

Step a) Perform a complete installation of the cleaner and launch the registry software.

Step b) Select the “Registry” button.

Step c) Mark all the boxes in the “Registry Cleaner” column.

Step e) Click the “Scan all Issues” button; this will list all issues affected.

Step f) Click “Fix Selected Issues” to clear all issues selected.

Option 2) Deleting the Unused Partition in Microsoft 7 0x80070057,

When the error occurs during a clean installation of Windows 7, the solution is to delete the unused partition existing on the computer. The troubleshooting technique is done using the following steps.

Step a) Insert a copy of the Windows 7 OS in the DVD and start the installation process.

Step b) Click on “install now” and accept the license agreement and click “next.”

Step c) Click “custom installation.”

Step d) Select “disk 0 partition 1” and click “delete”, “Ok.”

Step e) Select “disk 0 partition 2” and click “delete,” then “Ok.”

Step f) On the next prompt click “new” and select the size of the new partition disk, and then click “Apply.”

Step g) Then, select “Disk 0 Partition 2” and click “Formatting,” then “Ok.”

Step h) Allow for the format process to complete and click “Next” to continue. It enables the installation process to proceed, and it rectifies the error message.

Option 3) Rename “Software Distribution” Folder

The error may appear due to the folder problem; it is used by Windows updates service.

Step a) Long click the start button plus R (Start /run)

Step b) Type “services. MSc” and press “Enter.”

Step c) Right-click on the service “automatic updates.”

Step d) Select the “Stop” option.

Step e) Click Start/Run.

Step f) type %SystemRoot% and then “Enter.”

Step g) Right-click “SoftwareDistribution” folder and then select “Rename” option.

Step h) Turn on the automatic updates by repeating steps a to c above and select the start option.

Step h) Rename it as “SoftwareDistribution.OLD.”

Option 4) Increasing the Size of the Virtual Memory

The error appears when performing complex tasks that require maximum use of the RAM. Sometimes the memory is not enough; thus increased virtual memory can resolve the error.

Step a) Right click “My Computer”, and select “Properties” option.

Step b) Click “Advanced System Settings” and select “Advanced tab.”

Step c) At the performance tab click “Settings” and Click “Advanced” tab.

step d) Click “Change” button in “Virtual Memory” frame.

Step e) Uncheck the box named “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.”

Step f) Select your system drive and Click “Custom Size” box.

Step g) Enter a value greater than the existing Virtual Memory.

Step h) Click “Set” button to confirm and click “Ok.”

Finally restart the computer to apply the changes.

Option 5) Increasing the Hard Disk Space

Step a) Right-click on the C:\ drive.

Step b) Select the “Properties” option.

Step c) Select “Disk cleanup” to calculate “Number of dump files.”

Step d) Select all the files to delete.

Step e) Select “Clean up system files” and click “Ok.”


Evidently, there are various reasons that can result to 0×80070057 errors as explained above. The error rarely appears, though when it does it can lead to complete computer failure. However, tech support has provided efficient troubleshooting tools that are useful to solve the error. The technical steps should get sequentially followed and in case the problem persists, one should consider further assistance from the tech support service.

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Online Tech Support to Troubleshoot 0×80070057 Windows Error
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