A Computer Repair Guide for Troubleshooting 0×00000116 Windows Error

You feel great while working on your Windows PC because of its user-friendliness, ease of use, and convenient applications, but your most reliable PC can also malfunction unexpectedly. The computer is a complex machine comprising many hardware and software components, and you may face unexpected errors when any of these components malfunction or stop working. We may get very perturbed by these errors especially when we are working on some important project or assignment. 0×00000116 is one such blue screen error that can ruin your smooth computing experience. Once the error takes place on your computer, you get unable to perform any activity through your mouse or keyboard. In other words, your PC freezes and gets irresponsive to the commands.

computer repair Situations like these are nothing new, and every Windows user comes across such situations while using his computer. You can deal with such situations easily, but the only thing is that you must know the appropriate ways of computer repair or computer service. If you have the right source for getting computer solutions, then these Windows error are nothing difficult. But things may turn complicated if you want to troubleshoot the error yourself. To help you deal with the complications, the current blog offers some simple and useful troubleshooting steps to fix the 0×00000116.

You cannot fix a problem unless you properly understand its causes and symptoms. Before you start troubleshooting, it is very important to know about its source and its impact on your PC. So, find below the brief information regarding symptoms and causes of the error.


The symptoms for all Windows errors seem common. It majorly causes freezing and sudden shutdown once the error takes place. 0×00000116 is a blue screen error that comes along with blue screen background and certain technical description regarding the error. The error stops you from accessing any of the applications on your PC.


Damaged hard drive, faulty BIOS settings, insufficient space on the hard disk, etc. are some of the main causes behind the prompting of stop error 0×00000116. This may also result because of improper maintenance of the computer, incomplete installation of the Windows OS, virus or malware attacks, installation of malicious programs, incomplete installation of applications, and more.

The error appears on your screen majorly because a faulty hard drive on your computer. It immediately prevents you from working and a blue screen will appear on your PC that causes the blue screen of death. But don’t worry you can resolve the error with the help of some manual fixes.


 0X00000116 Resolving the error is the most critical part of the entire episode. Once you understand the symptoms and causes behind the error, you must understand the steps using which you can resolve the error. Let us now understand how to fix the error without using third party computer service or computer repair service.

First of all, perform the following steps:

•    You need to remove unwanted or redundant programs and applications to create more space on your hard drive.

•    If you find the hard drive then you need to disable or update the hard disk.

•    The third step suggests about resetting the computer BIOS.

•    You also need to remove third party drivers if they create trouble.

•    Remove unsigned drivers as well.

•    Update the Windows OS.

•    If possible, then you can also install the OS completely.

The tips mentioned above are manual tips that can fix the error and enable you to use your PC like earlier. Once you ensure the above things, you also need to check the following.

Check the ATI Driver

A malfunctioning, outdated or incompatible driver may cause the error. Thus, before you seek other computer solutions to fix the error, you need to establish that you are using the updated ATI graphics driver. If you are clueless about how to get the right drivers then, you may visit the OEM’s website. On the website you can find the updated and latest driver for your PC. You can search the driver regarding your model and version of your computer.

Check the Display/Video Driver

It is another vital step towards troubleshooting the error. You should check the recently updated display/video driver because it might trigger the error. To know the status of the updated drivers, you need to follow the below given path:

Start menu > Control Panel > Windows Updates.

Using the path, you can easily check and confirm the upload and installation status of the drivers.

Check Antivirus Programs

Virus and malware infections are common causes for a variety of Windows errors. Thus, it gets very important to ensure that the antivirus program installed on your PC is active and updated. Your PC gets vulnerable to a variety of online threats if the security program is outdated or inactive. In the majority of cases, it has been discovered that the 0X00000116 stop error gets triggered by virus or malware infection, so why to take chances. Secure your PC and prevent such errors.


It is impossible to protect your PC entirely from such errors. The internet is a great source of receiving such errors because of virus and malware infections. When the probability of facing such problems is so high, it is advisable to stay in touch with a computer repair service partner so that you can get the required help while you face the error. Such service providers can provide you the essential computer solutions to help you deal with the issue.


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A Computer Repair Guide for Troubleshooting 0×00000116 Windows Error
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