Old Mac Put Up For Sale? Restore Mac to Factory Settings and Get the Best Price

Planning to put up your old Mac for sale then first restore Mac to factory settings. Is factory restoring a new or vague idea for you? Then, you need to read and learn about it because it is highly essential that before handing over your old Mac to a new user, you must reset Mac to factory settings. Whether you sell your old device or just gift it away, but if its ownership is changing then you must factory reset it for the security of your data and also for the benefit of the new owner.

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In this blog, you will read why restoring Mac to factory settings is so important before you sell your old Mac. You will also learn that how this simple act of factory resetting will add more value to your device and at the same time it will keep your customer satisfied. Also, you will learn about the security aspects that make factory restore even more important.

How Factory Reset Adds More Value to Your Product?

If you wish to sell your device at the best price, then you also need to make sure that your device is worth of that best price because your buyer is not a fool. He will only pay for what he is getting. Thus, to get the best possible price, you must think like a buyer and try to realize what a buyer will expect from the device. Even if, the buyer is buying a pre-owned device he would like to have some extent of newness in his device. But most importantly, he wouldn’t like his device having the influence of its previous owner. Factory reset adds more value to your old Mac by adding newness to it and by removing all traces that it was ever pre-owned.

A buyer of pre-owned Mac might be ready to compromise on the look, design and newness of the device, but at least he will prefer a device in a good operational condition. Better the condition of the hardware, software, and battery, more willing the customer will be to pay.

The hardware and battery life of your old Mac depends on how you have maintained your device over the years. Also, you must have realized that after the years of usage, the operating system and software of your device also must have got degraded. Factory restore is the solution through which you can enhance the software condition of the device and can also make the device internally new so that the new user gets a new-like experience while using the device.

Read below to learn how restoring Mac to factory settings will make your old device internally a new-like device.

How Factory Reset Makes Your Old Mac Internally New?

1.       Erases the Previous Owner’s Data

A new owner will not prefer buying a Mac that comes installed with its previous owners’ personal data or customized settings, software, etc. Preinstalled software on the device data not just unnecessarily consumes the memory and space but also lends a personal touch to the device.

The solution is to restore Mac to factory settings, and it will erase every bit of data, files, folders and software installed on Mac. Even the operating system will get erased and freshly a new copy will get installed. Thus, a factory restored Mac is internally as new as a newly bought or just-out-of-the-box Mac system.

That is because a factory restored Mac will only have the inbuilt Mac software programs and settings, rest everything that has been installed by its previous owner will get permanently deleted from the very root. Thus, getting factory reset will completely wipe out the personal touch of the previous owner and the new owner will have the whole memory and space of the device available for his use. He can freshly start installing the software, apps and data of his choice. He can alter the settings as per his requirement.

2.       Wipe Out the Malware and Software Errors

Most importantly, restoring Mac to factory settings will also make the old device free of malware, viruses, and other software errors. That is because factory resetting, not just wipes out the files, data, software, and apps, but also viruses and malware.

3.       Installs a Fresh Mac OS Copy

Factory reset automatically erases the existing Mac OS X and gets a new OS X installed. Having the new OS X gives a complete new like experience. The new owner of the device can customize the newly installed OS as per his interests, and he will nowhere get interrupted by the remnants of the previous owner data, settings configuration, etc.

Security Perspective

Last but not the least, before handing it over to a new user, you must restore Mac to factory settings for your personal security. After using the device for years you must have stored a huge lot of professional, personal, academic and financial information on your device. If you don’t delete these data permanently from the very root, then data might get breached and wrongly used. Manually deleting the data is not reliable, so better factory reset it and make sure that the new owner will not get any remnants of your data.


If you have decided to replace your old Mac with a new Mac device, then you can get a good value for your older device by selling it off. There is huge demand even for pre-owned Mac devices because buying a brand new Mac is an expensive affair and many people can’t afford it. So, they look for pre-owned devices that are running in a good condition. Thus, if you have one such performance-packed but old Mac, then you will certainly get many prospective buyers. But before you sell off your device, don’t forget to factory restore it.



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Old Mac Put Up For Sale? Restore Mac to Factory Settings and Get the Best Price
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