Computer Support Helps in Fixing the 0x0000007B Windows Error

The “0x0000007B” Windows Error is an error that effects your computer’s ability to read the hard drive in your system. It requires technical support to solve, and it is one of the most encountered common error in Windows, and it is sometimes encountered when the motherboard in your computer gets changed. In any event, it is something that you should probably be consulting with your computer support person or team if you encounter it for essential and quick technical support.

Role of Computer Tech Support

0x0000007B In modern era, the popularity of computer tech support has increased manifold. It is a quick way of getting your PC resolved through remote computer repair. You just need to dial a toll-free number and in the next second, you will get connected to an experienced and certified Windows expert.

Symptoms and Causes of the Error

The problem is made evident by a complete failure to boot up, accompanied by a blue screen describing the problem and listing the 0x0000007B code for the problem.

A lot of problems that this error has caused have been able to get fixed by addressing, and re-installing the drivers on the affected computer. You should keep only the drivers that you need to run your computers applications and peripherals, anyway so staying abreast and keeping the drivers updated, is probably a good habit to get into.

0x0000007B Error: Resolution

Restart your affected computer, and while it is restarting, hit F8 to take you into the advanced boot options. Then choose the ‘last known good configuration’ option. Once you’ve made your selection, go back into Windows and do a ‘system restore.’ With your system now stable, go into the device manager and do a driver rollback to re-install your drivers.

computer tech support However, the frustrating thing about this error code is that there are other things that can trigger it. Another cause of the error code is when you have changed your mother-board. You install everything as it should be installed and when you boot up your computer, you’re presented with the blue screen and the error code.

The specific problem indicated in the blue screen is that Windows is not recognizing your hard drive. As you need to re-install your hard drive into your new motherboard. It indicates a possible problem with the Serial ATA, or SATA. This is what connects your hard drive into your computer bus adaptor. So, this time it’s a connectivity problem, not a driver problem, yet it gives you the same error code as the driver problem.

If you’ve just installed a new motherboard, then you may confront this error code. In order to attempt to fix the problem, you should get into your BIOS. Once you are into your BIOS, look for the SATA designation, and besides it, you should another designation for AHCI. It stands for Advanced Host Controller Interface. It specifies the type of operating mode that is given by the SATA. If you change that from AHCI to IDE, you might solve your problem.

AHCI is simply as faster operating standard that the older IDE. IDE is fast enough for most computer users. But, most of the computers these days come with AHCI installed, and most use this standard. However, not all hard drives actually ’speak’ AHCI, they only speak IDE. So if your computer inadvertently switches over to AHCI as a default whenever it recognizes a ’new’ hard drive, and your hard drive doesn’t ’speak’ the AHCI language, then you need to solve the problem of your computer of not recognizing your hard drive. You can do it by simply switching your SATA operation mode over from AHCI to IDE.

Both of these fixes have been documented on the internet, on YouTube videos and text articles. And they have been verified as accurate and effective solutions to the error code by Microsoft technicians.

However, before you go trying any of these fixes, you should really follow good technical practices and eliminate any other obvious solutions. First of all, re-boot your computer to eliminate the source of the problem as just a simple glitch. If you are still getting the blue screen run a virus scan to eliminate a virus from being the source of your problems.

If both of these actions fail to correct the problem, then you need to probably look at an issue with either the connections of your motherboard to your hard drive or a problem with your drivers.


In setting everything as correct as possible, you should deal with the driver issue first, by following the steps outlined earlier in this article. If you’re still having problems, you should go into the BIOS and change the operation from AHCI to IDE as last resort option. If the problem persists then probably, it is something that you are not able diagnose. For quick resolution of such critical issues, you need to contact a technical support professional.


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Computer Support Helps in Fixing the 0x0000007B Windows Error
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