Computer Support to Troubleshoot ‘Server Execution Failed’ Error

The Server Execution Failed error usually occurs when you are trying to open a media file. When you are trying to open a media file with the Windows media player, you may get an error message that notifies you of the failure of the system to respond to the request. While you open the file using Windows Media Player and you get the prompt, then you will realize that you are stuck with some error and you need to get a computer support specialist. Computer tech support may be the best option to get a solution for the error, or you may consider doing the PC repair by yourself.

Server Execution Mostly, the problem is associated with the ability of the media player to connect to the network. The media player comes with a feature that allows it to connect to other computers in the server and enable some functions. However, this problem is an indication that the feature is compromised and unable to proceed. It may prevent your computer’s ability to play some files that you may need to play. There is a solution to the problem. However, we need to understand the problem first.

What is “Server Execution Failed” Error?

When you get a server execution failed error, then there is a problem with your Windows Media Player. Many may think that the problem is with the format of the media file. But if you will have opened the file before with the same media player, then you come to know that the problem is not with the format of the file but with the execution system. To fix the problem, you do not need to remove and reinstall the media player. The next step is to try to play the same file with the classic media player if you have installed one on your computer. The classic media player is an effective media player that is versatile and can repair the spoilt file. If the file plays, then the problem may get solved without reinstalling your media player.

Diagnostics and Solution

Any computer support that you will get will need to perform a diagnostics to know the exact cause of the problem before proceeding to find a solution. The computer support specialists will take advantage of the Windows tools to assess the problem and attempt to find a fitting solution locally.

Server Execution Failed When seeking the PC repair yourself, the first computer tech support remedy would be to disconnect or disable the media player network sharing service. Once you have disabled the service, then you should be able to proceed with solving the issue. The problem may be with the driver, the solution to this problem in such events is to reinstall the player. However, this should be the last option because you will lose your Windows Media Player data. You may need to consider the other possible cause of the problem that lies in the commands and the file integrity.

You will go to the Control Panel of the operating system and select the ‘Services’ section within the administrative tools. You will search for the Windows Media Player network sharing service and open the option. You will then stop the service by clicking on the ‘Stop’ option.

You will close the media player if its starts following this activity. You will then input “%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\” to Windows Explorer to find the folder. Once you find this file, you will move all the files within to a backup location. When you will be moving the files, the database will be reset.

You will then need to restart the media player and see if you can run the file. If you will be able to run the file then your problem will have been solved. If you continue facing the problem, then you need to seek a more comprehensive technical solution from a technical expert to solve the problem.


When seeking a solution for the operating system or software, the first option is to resolve the problem without having to remove the software completely. In the event this does not work, you may seek other options that may be removing the software altogether. This error message simply shows the challenged performance of the media player with respect to its network performance. Removing the player altogether would be an extreme reaction. If these measures do not work, you may consider a computer support specialist before removing the player altogether.


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Computer Support to Troubleshoot ‘Server Execution Failed’ Error
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