Avail Computer Support to Fix “0x0000007E” Windows Error

Recently updated your computer windows and experienced a blue screen with error 0×000007 message? Reliable computer repair service in order to troubleshoot the error is essential at such time. Sometimes, our PCs develop errors when we don’t expect delays and stoppages in our daily work. Windows error 0×0000007E is a common system error that gets displayed when the operating system in your computer is not able to access the ports, hard drives, drivers, files or any other hardware.

What is the Cause of Error 0×0000007E?

0x0000007E There are a number of reasons that lead to a computer facing such an error. Insufficient disk space, outdated drivers and printers, outdated computer BIOS, damaged drivers, or any other incompatible adapters are some of the reasons behind the error. Due to the wide range of causes that result in such an error, troubleshooting such an error can be very daunting and, therefore, requires the services of an experienced PC Repair specialist.

How can I Resolve Error 0×000007E?

Depending on the nature of the error, troubleshooting such an error varies. Here is a step-by-step remote computer repair guide that can help you establish a solution to such an error.

Step One

Before you resolve the 0×0000007E error, ensure first that you have sufficient disk space. In case you have recently upgraded your Windows system, it is essential to ensure that there is sufficient disk space. If your computer runs on Windows 7, consider restarting your system. If you are using Windows 8, press F8 key when the computer restarts. It enables it to launch in Safe Mode. When recovery screen gets displayed, then click on the Advanced options menu. Now, consider removing all temporary, backup and internet cache files from your system. Sometimes, your system may not have enough disk space and the best option to resolve this case is to restore the windows back to the original version of windows.

Step Two

Error 0×000007E

Another option to take in resolving the error is to update or disable all the outdated drivers. Sometimes, the error occurs due to outdated drivers in your system. If the drivers are updated and the error persists, then it means that one of them is not compatible with your system. If this is the case then, restart your computer in Safe Mode. Go to the Windows device manager in the Control Panel and uninstall the device that is causing the problem. After completing the uninstallation process, you can restart your computer to see if it functions normally.

Step Three

Nonetheless, unsigned drivers on the computer can cause error 0×0000007E. It is very important to ensure that the drivers in your system are all signed by Microsoft Hardware Quality Labs. You can confirm this by simply clicking on the start menu and typing ‘Run’ then enter ‘sigverif’ then click on the Advanced menu option. It will help you search all the digitally unsigned drivers on your computer. Consider creating a folder where you can move all these unsigned drivers on your computer. It will help you in case a problem occurs as you can restore them to their initial status. Now, you can restart your PC to see if the error gets fixed.

Step Four

Another step for troubleshooting error 0×0000007E is by deleting all third party drivers on your computer. Incompatible third-party drivers on your computer can result in such an error. It can aid you in resolving the issue in case it is the real cause of the error. In this regard, also consider moving all the third party drivers and other published files into one folder. However, it is also important to know that some of the computer systems do rely on the third party drivers in order to operate efficiently. If moving the drivers resolves the error, then it means that incompatible drivers are the cause of the issue. After that, consider moving the drivers back to their original locations before restarting it again. If the error reappears, then it means that the cause of the error lies in the third party drivers. The best way to curb it is by downloading the most recent and updated drivers instead of the faulty ones.

Step Five

Removing or deleting third party remote services and processes is another option in resolving error 0×0000007E. The error can be generated by a third party remote application and removing it can aid in resolving the error. You can do it by restarting your computer in Safe Mode. Then launch the Windows Recovery Console after which you search for all the remote applications and then delete them all. After completing this, you can restart your computer to see if the error gets cleared.


Windows error 0×0000007E is a common error to most of the computers as it is related to many causes. It should not mean that it is the end of your computer. Get a computer remote repair service and resolve the issue. Remote computer repair helps you in saving the huge amount of dollars you will have to pay getting the error fixed. Other times your local repair may even worsen the problem. Remote computer repair offers you a reliable and effective computer support in solving any error in case you experience one with your PC.


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Avail Computer Support to Fix “0x0000007E” Windows Error
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