Things to Know Before You Restore Mac to Factory Settings

If you have decided to move on to a new and stylish Mac system, then perhaps you must be planning to sell or donate our old one. But before you handover your device to someone else, it’s time to factory reset Mac to prevent misuse of the device. That will not just give the new user a fresh start but will also ensure that your data will remain secured from getting leaked to others. If you are new to the word factory reset, then in this blog will provide you insight on why you must restore Mac to factory settings before selling it and how to do a factory reset.

Restore Mac to Factory SettingsEven if you are the most casual type of user then before permanently handing over your device to someone else, you will prefer deleting your personal information such as photos, documents, etc from the device. This gesture will come naturally to you out of security concern. And if you are a real security concerned individual then you will not just erase every single folder in your system but will also remove your user account and add a new administrative account.

But perhaps you don’t know that removing the files and folders or the user account is just the partial cleaning. Traces of your personal data stay hidden in the memory of your Mac through various possible ways. So, if you want that the new user of your old Mac must not get any remnant of your OS or data, then you must reboot the computer to factory settings. In factory reset, the complete operating system gets erased, and the new OS X gets reinstalled.

Before you restore Mac computer to factory settings, you need to perform certain requisite things that are as follows:


The prime step to perform before Mac factory reset is to back up your data completely. To backup your data, you can use Time Machine or can use a system cloning tool. Both the methods will provide you a full copy of your computer. You can easily restore that copy while migrating to your new Mac.

Disable Online Accounts

Once you have backup up your data, you can be sure that you have your data safe. Now, move to the next step of disabling all the services associated with your Mac. There are various services, which are machine specific, and you can run those services only on limited and authorized machines. iTunes is one such service. So, if your Mac system is an authorized device for any such service and you sell it without disabling your online account, then in a way your count of authorized devices is getting reduced. So, better you disable the account and then get your new Mac authorized for the service.

Remove Any Third-Party Hardware

If you have upgraded your system with any third-party hardware such as PCI Express cards, then better you remove it. RAM and hard drive upgrades are difficult to undo, but you should remove other hard party hardware. And if you don’t want these hardware programs and want to sell then you can charge for them.

How to Restore Mac To Factory Settings?

Once you finish the prerequisite steps mentioned above, now you can factory reset Mac by performing the following steps:

  • Shut down your Mac system
  • Plug it into the AC adapter
  • Then boot it back
  • Press and hold “Command” and “R” keys simultaneously that will start restore process
  • Keep holding the keys till the Apple logo appears on the screen
  • Once you see the logo, release the button
  • Now, the “Mac OS X Utilities” menu will open
  • Now, from the Utilities menu, select “Wi-Fi.”
  • Find your router
  • Enter your Wi-Fi username and password and connect to the Internet
  • Depending on your Apple operating systems version, your Utilities menu will slightly vary to each other
  • You need to choose either “Internet Recovery” or “OS X Recovery.”
  • Once, you choose either of the two; you will get the “Reinstall OS X” option, click on it
  • Now your Mac will gather information from Apple servers
  • Provide your Apple username and password
  • Now, your Mac will download the latest version of OS X
  • Next, your hard drive will get automatically formatted
  • Once the formatting gets over, your computer will restore itself to factory settings.


When the reinstallation process gets complete, restart your computer. Next, reboot computer to factory settings, and you will see that it has a completely clean new operating system. There will be none of your earlier folder, files applications, software, etc. Thus, now your old Mac is internally, as new as a freshly bought system with no data on its memory. Thereby, it’s ready for the resale.




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Things to Know Before You Restore Mac to Factory Settings
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