Avail ThreatTrack Security with VIPRE Internet Security 2015

VIPRE Internet Security 2015 VIPRE Internet Security 2015 is one of the best Internet security programs with high-end support to detect, block, and restrict malicious programs from entering into your device. The best way to extend your online security shield is to download VIPRE Internet Security 2015 suite and enable each of its settings to ;avail the best protection against virtual threats. The VIPRE’s Password Vault feature provides the best protection against data breaches, identity theft, and other serious cyber crimes. All in all, the Internet Security 2015 from VIPRE offers the best protection, effective scanning tools, updated virus database, and it can also block malicious codes to fight against popular internet security issues.

Let us discuss what makes this unmatchable Internet security program a complete threat detection package!

Some Common Features

Some Common FeaturesSince the ever-growing virtual threats are hampering user security and privacy, VIPRE has broadened the online threat protection by launching the VIPRE Internet Security 2015 program. The security program includes a Password Manager that secures, stores, records, and manages all the online passwords and user account details. The program adds an additional layer of protection against identity thieves and cyber criminals by offering high-end security to users while accessing social media and banking websites.

Undoubtedly, the security programs offer better protection than just a virus scan. But some of its features including File Encryption, Password Vault, Auto Patch, Search Guards and others make it a robust antivirus solution. The VIPRE Password Vault secures your online passwords and makes them accessible from any device to ensure that you never face any challenges while managing security of your online details. Therefore, install VIPRE Internet Security and ensure your security while using a home PC or portable options like a tablet or Smartphone!

Exclusive Features that Offer Unmatchable Security

Internet Security 2015 The Internet Security 2015 safeguards users from new security threats by deploying its powerful antivirus and antispyware technology. The security suite also incorporates a firewall, an anti-spam and anti-phishing filter, and a malicious website blocker to offer high-rated security against malicious content. It features an easy and simple to use user interface (UI) that manages security settings, checks the threat status, arranges customized scans, and accesses privacy protection features. Following are some of the exclusive features of the security program that safeguard your PC from numerous virtual threats:

Auto Patch – The feature provides the best protection by updating out-of-date and vulnerable software applications on users’ PCs. The utility minutely scans your system and installs updates for various threat-related programs including ones by Adobe, Flash, Java, and others. The program also minimizes the risk of third-party software vulnerabilities, thus, helps in preventing major online threats.

Search Guard- The feature specially offers protection against the bad and malicious links while using popular search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others.

Social Watch – Internet Security 2015 incorporates this tool to scan users’ Facebook pages for bad, malicious, and suspected links. By activating this feature, you can save yourself and your friends from malicious links that can lead to viruses, Trojans, and other online threats.

Internet Security IssuesPassword Vault – The feature securely stores and manages your online passwords that home users regularly access. Since the tool offers the best security shield to protect your online details, you don’t need to remember, write down or store your online password anywhere else. The security program uses military-grade encryption technology that automatically and securely logs a user into any website including banks, online stores, and social media.

Enhanced Two-Way Firewall- Managing the security of your online details and PC are equally important. The two-way firewall feature of this security program helps users to monitor incoming and outgoing Internet traffic quickly. Additionally, users can also customizable settings for availing advanced-level protection against virtual threats.

Secure File Eraser- The security suite offers unbeatable support for removing the traces of the deleted files to ensure that your crucial data should never get compromised. The tool features ‘Erase Files’ option that permanently deletes all the traces of your deleted files from a Window’s Explorer menu and other prominent locations.


All in all, you can download VIPRE Internet Security for availing the best protection against online threats and thus prevent majority of the internet security issues. You must remember that websites claiming the best free virus scan may install malicious codes on your device and may gain illegitimate access to your systems. Choosing a freeware isn’t always a mistake, but it is better to select a program that has extensive features to secure your online experience. You can contact the VIPRE customer support using a toll-free number or visit its official website to know more about the product’s features!


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Avail ThreatTrack Security with VIPRE Internet Security 2015
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