Easy Steps for Syncing of Ringtones on iPhone

Modern smartphones are equipped with high-quality music output apps, and this is why we prefer to download or create the ringtones that we like most. Every Android or iPhone user likes to have the ringtone of his choice on his phone, and the user doesn’t like to lose the particular ringtone even if he upgrades or changes his phone. Apart from downloading ringtones, you can also create your personal tune by using free ringtone maker available online. These ringtones are called custom ringtones that you create by using a particular software or web application. Moreover, budget-oriented users can also go for free download ringtones that they can download or create without paying any charges. There are certain websites that offer the facility to create iOS7 ringtones of your choice for your iPhone devices.

Syncing of Ringtones In this blog, we are going to discuss some useful tips and tricks that will help you in syncing of ringtones in case you plan to upgrade or change your iPhone device. These tips are exclusively helpful in syncing iOS7 ringtones on your device. Ever since the iOS 7 mobile operating system has been launched, iPhone users are facing a lot of functionalities related difficulties. Let us discuss some of those issues related to syncing of ringtones and suitable resolution to such issues.

Issues Faced With iOS7 Device:

One of the most faced issues regarding syncing of ringtones is that when you surprisingly notice that you have lost all your ringtones. However, you notice that the ringtones are there in iTunes but you get nothing even after you select “All Tones” under “Sync Tones.”

How to Sync Ringtones on iOS7 iPhone

Let us resolve this issue in a few simple steps. Find below these steps and follow them if you are facing similar issues while syncing your custom ringtones on your device.

Step One

custom ringtones

First of all, you need to right-click on any of your ringtones in iTunes and then move to “Show in Finder.”

 Step Two

In the Show in Finder, you will be able to see the “Tones” folder. You need to choose the “Tones” folder and create a copy of it. Tones folder should be one level up from your ringtone in the Finder.

Step Three

your desktop Now, paste the folder to your desktop for the sake of convenience and safety. You have to come back to the desktop and use the folder again, so it is safe to have a copy of it to the desktop.

 Step Four

Now you have to go into iTunes and then select your ringtones and delete them. Don’t worry you have no threat of losing your ringtones as you have already saved a copy of the folder on your desktop.

Step Five

It is the final step in which you have to drag the “Tones” folder on your desktop into iTunes. By doing this, you will be able to restore all your ringtones on your device.

Using these five simple steps, you will be able to restore your favorite ringtones on your new device. However, you might have lost all your personalized settings related to ringtones therefore you need to set those once again on the new device. These steps will help you in getting your ringtones back on your device, but there is no surety that they all will be right for playing. You might have encountered some other software or hardware conflict issue or any other issue, which you are not able to comprehend. For the quick resolution of such issues related to custom ringtones or other ringtones you should call toll-free to a professional online technical support service helpdesk and get the issue resolved immediately.



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Easy Steps for Syncing of Ringtones on iPhone
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