Remote Computer Support for Troubleshooting 0×00000050 Error on Your Windows 7 PC

Every PC is subject to spontaneous errors and technical flaws and your PC running Windows 7 or 8 is no exception to it. These errors are caused by a variety of faults related to hardware and software components installed on your computer and in order to troubleshoot the error, you first need to diagnose the same after identifying the reasons precisely. For basic and intermediate users, it is not always easy to diagnose and troubleshoot the error but you don’t have to worry as you can still get it fixed with online computer support without taking your PC to a physical repair shop.

Remote Computer Support

In this blog, we will share useful information regarding how remote computer support can be helpful for troubleshooting 0×00000050 error on your Windows PC. Online technical support is a way enabled by Internet technology to help you in getting your PC fixed. Using the latest technology, technicians can access your PC by using remote desktop viewer tools and then diagnose and troubleshoot the issue to make your work like new. It is the way of getting access to a remote PC through remote desktop applications.

What is 0×00000050 error precisely?

0x00000050The 0×00000050 error is just like other Windows errors that may take place without letting you know in advance. It is also a Stop error like “0x0000007E” that describes the following issue.  “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA”

However, you must note here that not all 0×00000050″ Stop errors are caused by the above-mentioned issue.

How to resolve 0×00000050 error?

The ideal way of getting this error fixed is to call a remote PC service provider and describe the technician through the remote desktop viewer tool and seek an appropriate resolution. Nevertheless, if you want to resolve the issue on your own then read the blog further.

In this blog, you get information regarding installing the Hotfix using which you can resolve the issue with Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 PCs.

What is Hotfix?

Hotfix is a utility tool by Microsoft which is specifically developed and released for rectifying the issue mentioned in this blog.

A supported Hotfix is available from Microsoft to help users deal with variety of Windows issues. However, this Hotfix is designed to fix the error mentioned above. Apply this Hotfix only to systems that are experiencing this specific problem.

To obtain the Hotfix, you need to visit At this page, you can get the form “Hotfix Download Available.” Using this page, you can download the Hotfix and start using the tool.

System Requirement

While using Hotfix, you must require a system running Windows 7, SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. So when you download the tool make sure that your system is installed with the operating systems mentioned here.

Registry Requirement

You are not required to make any changes to the registry for using the tool. So, don’t make any changes while using the tool and leave the Windows registry as it is.

Once you apply the Hotfix, you need to restart the PC. You should also note here that the Hotfix that you will install will not replace the previously used versions of this tool on your PC.

So simply download and install Hotfix and get rid of the 0×00000050 error on Your Windows 7 PC. You can also refer Microsoft support pages for more information regarding the benefits and application of this tool.

Although, the tool is self-explanatory and not very difficult to install and use, still problems during the entire process can’t be ruled out. In case you face any difficulty while you troubleshoot the error, you can reach out to expert remote computer support service. Using remote desktop technology, you will be able to get connected to live tech experts who are available 24×7 with specialized support and suggestions for the troubleshooting of a variety of Windows errors.


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Remote Computer Support for Troubleshooting 0×00000050 Error on Your Windows 7 PC
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