5 Striking Features of Dell Juke Box DJ

During the last decade, many leading digital electronics companies have forayed into the portable audio hardware market. Following Apple, Dell has also introduced the new 20 GB Dell Juke Box DJ with extraordinary capabilities of making music playback simple and straightforward. The new launch impresses users with its solid design, improved sound clarity, and extraordinary battery life. But the biggest attraction of this device is its price as you can grab the 20 GB version for $299 and 15 GB version for $249.

Dell Juke Box

In this blog, we are going to share some important information regarding the new Dell Juke Box DJ apart from some important jukebox software that you can use. However, Dell has introduced this device with many attractive features still you can choose other available options such as Musicmatch jukebox if you are a true music lover. Musicmatch is a digital music player that can also manage digital audio library.

Find below the five notable features of Juke Box from Dell:

1. Design

Dell Juke Box  DesignThe roller control design of the device allows you to control the device effectively by accessing all the functions without any difficulty. The overall design is an indication of its solid build quality. You will see an outward projection in the casing that is helpful in preventing accidental song selection. The roller control is accompanied with five extra larger backlit buttons appearing on the face of the player to help large-fingered users in operating the device. The four rubber protrusions provided on the back side of the device will prevent it from sliding on a flat surface.

 2. User Friendliness

Dell has incorporated the latest and advanced jukebox software to make the device very user-friendly. Moreover, the design is also very helpful for the user that renders users in controlling the device effortlessly. Apart from the well-designed menu and back buttons, you also get highly intuitive menu system. You find all these design elements very similar to the iPod that make the navigation very easy even for new or basic users.

3. Important Accessories

With the new Dell device, you get an in-line remote control, which, however, lacks a display but it helps you in skipping between songs in adjusting the volume. The remote for the device remains clipped to straps of your bag or your clothes for the sake of users’ convenience.

Apart from the remote, you also get a USB 1.1/2.0 cord and an AC power adapter, using which you can charge the battery. Using the device you can play MP3 and WMA music. The design of the device helps you browse songs by album, artist, genre, track or playlist. For more music, you are advised to include Musicmatch software. Apart from this, you can also go for other Dell downloads for increasing the usability of the device.

4. Recording Features

The new jukebox comes with an internal microphone for recording voice memos. While you set the device in record mode, the display will show meters that fluctuate with volume. But it is meant only for cosmetic purposes because there is no way of controlling the mike sensitivity that can prevent the recordings from getting too loud or soft. As it happens in the case of MP3s or WMAs, you cannot upload the recordings to a PC.

5. Sound Control

The Dell DJ music player comes with eight EQ presets and a four band graphical equalizer to ensure perfect equalization of sound quality. Using these two features, users can customize sound output matching with their preference. However, you will be impressed with the Shuffle and Repeat mode offered with the player but you may get disappointed with its inability to play music albums in the right order even when you deactivate the Shuffle. Those who are willing to play their albums in the right order, will have to generate individual playlists for them, or add numbered prefixes to the title of the tracks.

These are the best five attractions of the new jukbox DJ from Dell. Apart from these there are more features that you may like but to explore that you need to go to the company’s website and get the first-hand information about those. Apart from these, you may also get jukebox software such as Softonic, Media Jukebox, Touchjams and others. If you have bought a jukebox and but not able to comprehend its features and benefits, then the appropriate way is to opt for a technical support helpdesk.

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5 Striking Features of Dell Juke Box DJ
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