5 Best Email Apps for Your Latest Android Phone or Tablet

Gone are the days when we had to switch on our desktop PC or laptop to check our emails Inbox. With the advancement and evolution of information technology and futuristic mobile devices, checking and writing emails, have become a breeze.

best apps for AndroidIf you are having an Android mobile device including smartphone or tablet installed with the right apps then you can check and reply your emails without using your laptop or desktop computer. Because of the features and benefits, you must have your Android device loaded with the best apps for Android.

In this blog post, we are going to share some very useful and important information regarding the best email apps to make your emailing experience pleasant than ever. Being a loyal Android fan, you should keep on looking for new app fro Android so that you never miss any of your use. Purchasing and installing Android apps is highly convenient as you simply need to visit app store for Android, and you get access to thousands of apps pertaining to gaming, entertainment, music, emailing, and others.

Find below the list of the best 5 mailing apps for Android devices:

1. MailDroid (Free)

MailDroidMailDroid tops the list with the maximum number of features and other benefits. You can download this app from the app store for Android without paying any price. The app is compatible with the majority of the web platforms. It also supports Exchange email used by enterprise users. Using MailDroid, you can sync multiple email accounts to your smartphone or tablet and then you can set the alerts for each of those accounts. You can also sync the email app with desktop calendar apps apart from Dropbox. Once you are connected to Wi-Fi network, you can save your limited data plan by using this app because it allows you to limit syncing to times.

 2. K-9 Mail (Free)

K-9 Mail is another mailing app that is also a new app for Android devices. It is a leading app among users because of its multiple customization options. Using this app, you will be able to categorize your emails into different folders and then specify the folder that you prefer in your primary inbox. Moreover, you can also customize your inbox on the basis of color and then also choose the color of LED lights that will flash on your smartphone at the time when you receive an email. It also offers pinch-to-zoom functionality that allows you to resize the text quickly. It is compatible with the majority of the email services including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo and other POP3 email accounts.

3. Gmail (Free)

GmailGmail is the one email app that requires the least introduction among Android users. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best apps for Android devices. As evident from its name, it is only compatible with the Gmail platform from Google. If you are using other email services like Outlook, Yahoo or AOL then Gmail will not be helpful for you. Despite this downside, Gmail is one of the most used apps among Android users. The app is equipped with one of the best spam detection tools. Apart from that all promotional emails and website update are grouped into a different folder to keep the primary Inbox clean and free for other important emails.

 4. CloudMagic (Free)

CloudMagic is the perfect app for you if you are looking for an email client that can let you integrate several email accounts into a single Inbox. Since messages coming from all these accounts are color coded, so it is not difficult to track the source of those emails. In simple words, you can keep track of all your email accounts by using one single app.

The most impressive feature of CloudMagic app is the search bar, using which you can search any specific email message across all your accounts at the same time. The search results get updated in real time, and it also provides you suggestions while you are typing by letting you know the most relevant search keywords.

5. Blue Mail (Free)

Blue Mail is a dynamic email client that allows you to use your inbox as a to-do list. Using the app, you can mark all new emails in two ways. You can either delete them or simply mark them as “Done.” Thus, you can consider your new emails as items that will appear on a to-do list in your inbox. The app also lets you access to various snooze options. One of the options allows you to snooze a message for three hours after which you will get alert for the next message. The second snooze option allows you set the duration to any length of time depending upon your requirement and preference. It is compatible with the most of the email clients including Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo and other POP3 accounts.

The emailing apps listed above are known for their performance and benefits, but you can still go online and find a new app for Android devices. Emailing is one of the most important activities that we perform during our work hours, so any issue with the email apps regarding downloading or installation may create severe halt to work and life. For any such issues, the best resort is the online technical support helpdesk where you can seek a speedy resolution of the email related issues online.

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5 Best Email Apps for Your Latest Android Phone or Tablet
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