How to Reduce Online Technical Support Requests and Time Spent Dealing with Them

Most of the online computer support companies operating across the globe cater client’s queries, irrespective of their time gap and geographical borders. The best thing about availing remote tech support is that a user can ask for virtual tech help anytime, anywhere. The high portability, flexibility, and availability round the clock factors often increase the number of customer during peak hours. Undoubtedly, all remote PC support technicians get training and undergo skill sessions to manage the business efficiently, but sometimes managing huge call volumes and endless queries can become a bit difficult.

Since online technical support platform caters, every tech problem starting from PC security, computer maintenance, and PC tune-up to virus removal and update install, it become stressful to handle clients. It is true that don’t want to eliminate support requests completely, but you can follow these tips to reduce the time taken to understand them.

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 1.       Design Support Requests Layout

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Too many details and tech questions might confuse a technician and force him to take extra time to understand the exact issue. Since online tech support companies charge the amount on the basis of call timings and services availed, it is better to allow the PC technician to ask details according to his preference. Dial your vendor’s number, give a brief description of your tech problems and let the remote technician ask you a few questions to collect actual information about the error. Some companies might also design a check or tick request layout that will help in keeping a record of the tech problems and tracking requests.

2.       Avoid Speaking Too Much

A gentle and polite welcome is necessary to bind a customer for the future conversations and business opportunities so tech geeks should remain grounded while talking to them. Speaking too loudly or showing aggressive behavior over the call should be avoided because it might annoy the user and may, unfortunately, hamper the business success. Always try to ask relevant questions and take the necessary steps to fix the same in the minimal time, ensuring complete individual and PC security.

3.       Develop an Update Online Knowledge Base

Online Knowledge BaseIf you’re having a huge base of clients, who regularly avail your remote PC support services, then create, design and develop a full-blown online knowledge base to assist them immediately. Write all the basic troubleshooting steps and incorporate details about fixing some common PC problems to reduce unnecessary tickets, tech queries, and lengthy conversations. Allow your clients to learn how to fix tech issues manually and use system tools in a variety of ways. This method of reducing tech support pressure will impress online users, especially visual learners, as they can learn new things and troubleshooting tips without spending any extra penny.

4.       Create Template Answers

Not all tech issues are complicated and confusing, some of them might be simple but either a user is making it complex, or he is not able to understand what is happening. Sometimes, an online computer support technician will ask for additional information, even if it is not necessary, and it is a confusing situation for both the user and technician. Remote PC support companies can create a basic answer template to give instant resolutions to some common PC or tech issues and make such responses available in one click. Storing these answers and allowing one-click access can help technicians to save time during the initial interaction and can also reduce the time spent in repeating the same things.

5.       Feedback or Call Transfer to Senior Technicians

online computer support Congratulate the online computer support technician on fixing the problem without taking much time. On the other hand, technician should ask for customer’s feedback about the repair sessions and overall service experience once the issue gets resolved. Additionally, first level technicians can politely ask the customer to wait and transfer the call to high level technicians if the issue still persist and require expert guidance.


Many tech experts claim that availing online technical support isn’t an easy task, so users have to be extra aware and alert while handling their devices to remote technicians. Computer security is a major challenge while availing repair services over the web so installing robust antivirus solutions and other security measures are mandatory to avoid serious frauds. Since the main aim of every online PC support company is to deliver virtual support as quickly as possible, the tips mentioned above will help them in speeding up things!


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How to Reduce Online Technical Support Requests and Time Spent Dealing with Them
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