Dashlane Password Changer Makes Password Changing a Cake Walk

Dashlane has got a new feature called Password Changer. This new feature does the password-changing legwork for you. It can quickly and simultaneously change the passwords for your single, multiple or selected accounts.

Why it’s a challenge to change Password?

Whenever a major security breach such as Heartbleed hits the computer space, users get engaged in an internal debate. They try to determine whether the attempt to change password is worth. It is surprising that why they even have this doubt. Security breaches are threats to their accounts and thus without giving it a second thought, users must change their passwords immediately. Then what makes them contemplate whether to change your passwords or not? Well, this dilemma arises in light of the efforts that one needs to take in the process of changing the passwords of all its online accounts.

Today we deal with variety of accounts including bank accounts, social media accounts, email accounts, subscription accounts, gaming accounts and so on. Nowadays, we hold these accounts and for the internet safety purpose, we use different passwords for different accounts. Secondly, there are particular and specific rules for creating a strong password. So, if, for any reason, we are asked to change the passwords of our accounts, then we will indeed see it as a tedious task. Reset passwords, remembering or jotting them so that we don’t forget passwords is a time-consuming and tedious job.

Should you change your passwords?

As the process of the reset password is not a cake walk, so people do give a thought whether taking the effort of password changing is worth?

Of course, it is worth, and that’s what you should exactly do, whenever some security breach occurs. But many lazy or not so technically aware users choose to skip the password changing process just to avoid the tedious efforts.

However, the new password changer of Dashlane is effective in making things easier and also takes away the effort. No more you have to crunch the numbers or live in the dilemma whether to change the password or not. You just need to apply a few mouse clicks, and you can quickly change passwords of all your accounts. The new feature is yet in its beta version. Currently, it’s available for the Mac and Windows PC. Soon, it will come to mobile apps also.

How to Use Dashlane’s Password Changer?

To sign up for Password Changer, you need to visit the Dashlane’s site and then you will get added to the waitlist. If you move ahead in the waiting queue, then tweet about this feature and your waiting number will decrease.

When your turn comes, the feature will arrive to your account, and you will see a Password Changer button in your account.

Click on the Password Changer button, and it will open a new window. In this window, you can check which of your accounts needs a new password. If you want to change the passwords for all your accounts, then check the box for Auto-change password. Once, you have selected the accounts for whose you want to reset password, simply click the green Change Password button. Quickly, all your accounts will get new passwords.

To see your newly created passwords:

  • Head back to the main Passwords page
  • Bring the cursor to one of the accounts
  • Click the gear icon and check the settings
  • Next, click the lock icon

Here you will see your newly created password. Not just, the feature does the password-changing legwork for you, but it also creates stronger passwords than before. In addition, there is no tension that you will forget password. Because any time you fail to remember the password for any of your account, you know now how to check the passwords in the main Passwords page of your Dashlane account.

The Password Changer window might not show up all your accounts. Mainly, it doesn’t show up those accounts that you have created using the same email address that you used for creating Dashlane account. Developers say that it is intentional considering some safety purpose and it is specific to Mac version only. However, as the feature is yet in beta version so, things might change eventually.



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Dashlane Password Changer Makes Password Changing a Cake Walk
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