All You Need to Know About ADSL Modem Router Setup Through Smart Wizard UI

Every one of us, today require Internet service on our laptop or desktop PC for enjoying web surfing, browsing, downloading, playing games or for other requirements. For seamless connectivity to the Internet, we require ADSL modem router but first we must understand or know what is ADSL modem? An ADSL Modem is a device used to connect your computer or router to the telephone line. It helps in providing the digital subscriber line (DSL) service that is important for connecting to the Internet. Once you understand what is ADSL modem then you should know about the process of ADSL Modem Router setup.

This blog will let you know the process of ADSL modem router configuration in the easiest manner. If you don’t know how to configure ADSL modem router then you are reading the right blog. Just follow the steps mentioned below and learn the process through easy to understand steps.

How to configure ADSL Modem Router?

For the purpose of demonstration, we have selected Netgear ADSL modem/router in this blog. Here you will learn about ADSL modem router configuration through the built-in Setup Wizard. So it would be very helpful if you are using a Netgear router that is equipped with Smart Wizard user interface.

Step 1

First of all, you need to connect the ADSL port of the modem router to the phone using the microfilter. You can refer the diagram for a better understanding of the process. You have to connect the PC to the LAN port shown in the diagram by using an Ethernet cable. In the next step, you also have to connect the modem router to its power supply unit. Once you connect it to the power, wait for a few moments as it will boot up in a couple of minutes.

 Step 2

Now launch an Internet Explorer (IE) browser and then type in the IP address of the router that could be any of the following. or

Press Enter once you enter the IP in the address bar.

Now the login window will appear before you, and it will prompt you to enter the username and password for router configuration.

In this blog, the default username is “admin” and the default password is “qresolve.”

Remember that username and password are case sensitive.

In case, the combination of default password or username is not working then you have probably changed the password. In such a situation, you should try other probable passwords. If you fail to remember the right password then you need to restore the router to factory defaults through factory reset.

Step 3

Once you initiate the router configuration process by using the right combination of username and password, you will see the Setup Wizard in the top left corner. Click on the wizard and then select Yes to let it detect the type of Internet connection. Now click Next to move to the next step.

You will see that the wizard reports the connection type and then you will land on the appropriate page for configuration. Now, keep on following the steps that will appear as a result of connection type that your router has discovered right now.

If the wizard traces no connection then you have to check the physical connection of your devices to make sure that your ADSL account has been duly activated by the service provider.

Step 4

Account Login Setup

Now you have to enter the PPPoE account login setup by using the correct username and password. As discussed above both of these are case-sensitive. You usually get this information from the service provider.

 Dynamic IP Account Setup

In the next step, you have to enter the dynamic IP account setup. To create the setup click on the ‘Apply’ button and thus set the dynamic IP. It is used as the connection method for the purpose of configuration.

 Set IP over ATM Account Setup

A. To set the IP over ATM account, enter your IP address and the subnet mask. Your service provider provides this information.

B. Now you have to enter the IP address of your primary DNS server, which you get from your service provider. You should also enter IP for secondary DSN server if any.

C. Click ‘Apply’ to save the settings.

D. In the next step, you have to click the ‘Test’ button to check the Internet connection.

 Fixed IP (Static) Account Setup

A. Here you have to enter the domain name as well as account name, which you get from your service provider.

B. In this step, you have to be very careful. Now, you have to choose “Use Static IP Address” or “Use IP Over ATM” on the basis of the information that you get from your service provider. Suppose you choose IPoA, and then the router will detect the gateway IP address but you still require furnishing the IP address for the router.

C. Enter your assigned IP address, Subnet Mask, and the IP Address of your ISP’s gateway router. This information should have been provided to you by your ISP.

D. Move to the next step and type in the IP for Primary DNS Server, which you had received from the service provider.

E. Now hit ‘Apply’ to save the settings.

F. Once again hit the ‘Test’ button to check the Internet connection.

Now the router will save the settings, and you will be able to connect to the Internet and do all you want to do on the Internet. Once you perform all the steps mentioned above in the right sequence then you will be able to perform the ADSL modem router configuration successfully.

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All You Need to Know About ADSL Modem Router Setup Through Smart Wizard UI
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