Best 4 Philips MP3 Players For a Music Lover Like You

Music is considered as a great time pass and stress buster and thus loved by people belonging to all class and generations. The technology to provide quality and attractive music has evolved considerably, and users are rushing to use such technology. However, many users also go for online music player to enjoy live music through streaming.

In this blog, you will find information about 4 leading Philips MP3 Players that can truly evolve your music experience, and you will like to have one of those instead of just an online music player. In the market, there is a huge variety such MP3 and MP4 players that might confuse you in making a final selection. The blog aims to help you get rid of such confusion with and educate you with a comparative analysis of 4 leading MP3 players from Philips.

Find below the list of 4 Philips MP3 Players with 8GB memory size to suit your preference and requirement.

1. Philips ViBE 8GB

Philips ViBE 8GBThe new Philips Vibe is the latest music player with modern and advanced features to enhance the quality of music and enrich your experience. It features a full color 1.5 inch LCD screen. It comes with Philips FullSound technology to allow users experience music without any disturbance. You will find this gadget within a sturdy aluminum finish. Apart from playing video, the player also allows you to store JPEG and BMP photos up to 8GB. You also get a slide option that will help you flip through your favorite photos.

The battery provided with the player can last up to four hours for audio playback, and it is convenient to recharge the battery using a USB port on your Windows XP/7 PC. You also get a USB cable and headphone to enhance the music experience. You can purchase this MP3 player on Amazon for $57.55. One of its greatest downsides is its navigation, and the next that will disappoint you is its time-consuming installation. The gadget also offers the facility of playlist creation. In addition, you can also transfer playlist among various groups created within the system.

2. Philips Muse 8GB

Philips Muse 8GBPhilips Muse 8GB is another MP3 player that comes with the FullSound technology. It comes with the technology that allows you to watch movies in 720p HD resolution on the LCD screen. It is known for its crystal clear sound delivery and video that you can easily share with your family and friends. To do this you just require hooking your Muse device to your TV set.

With the device, you get a rechargeable battery that can provide you up to 24 hours of audio and 5 hours of video. Like Philips ViBe, you can recharge the system by using the USB port of your Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 PC. With the system, you get accessories like three interchangeable ear caps and headphones with sound isolation feature. If you plan to buy this player on Amazon then you have to spend approximately $122.37.

3. Philips Cam 8GB

Philips Cam 8GBIf you plan to buy a player within $100 then the ideal choice would be the latest Philips Cam 8GB. It is an MP4 player that comes with a built-in camera and software that allows you to upload and share videos as well as photos online. Like other two systems, it also comes with a FullSound technology. It features 2-inch LCD display and a battery life of up to 12 hours. Using the Philips Cam, you can also record video up to 2 hours and then connect to your television and then share the playback with others. By using a microSD card, you can enhance the memory capacity of the player up to 32 GB. The MP4 player costs you $98.99 on Amazon.

 4. Philips Ariaz 8GB

Philips Ariaz 8GBIf you are not convinced with the features offered by the above three systems then you should consider Philips Airaz 8GB. With this system, you will get all the features of a leading MP3 player. Like above systems, you will also get FullSound technology with this system to let you experience a high-quality and distortion-free sound output. Apart from a 2.4 inch full-color display, you also get 45 hours of music playback and 5 hours of video playback. You can also connect this system to the Internet so that you can easily access support documents and manuals along with firmware and software upgrade.

It is a typical MP3 player for budget customers as it is priced only at approx $74 on Amazon. The downsides of this system include the navigation that is quite vague and the time-consuming process of software installation.

After going through the features and specifications of all the music players mentioned above you can choose the best Philips MP3 player with 8GB storage for you. Available within various price segments, you can choose anyone of them that suits your budget and requirement.


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Best 4 Philips MP3 Players For a Music Lover Like You
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