Useful Tips for Syncing of Ringtones to iPhones Using iTunes

If you are an iPhone enthusiast and an ardent music lover, then you must know the process of syncing of ringtones so that you can enjoy your favorite music titles on your device. You require ringtone syncing specially when you purchase or download ringtones to your PC. It is also required when someone transfers playlist to his PC or converts his music songs to ringtones using apps like GarageBand or iTunes on his computer.

Syncing of ringtones The syncing of ringtones to iPhones is very similar to other iTunes files such as music, videos, photos, and others. In this blog, you will get to know about the simple steps using which you can sync ringtones to iPhone through iTunes.

Those, who are using online music player, may not be very much interested in syncing ringtones to their devices, but those who don’t use online music player will find it exciting and useful.

Tips to transfer ringtones to iPhones using iTunes:

You can sync ringtones from your PC to your mobile device easily as it is very similar to the transfer of other content or files to your device. For that you have to use iTunes or other simple to use transfer apps. You will find below the steps that will help you sync ringtones to iPhone by using iTunes. You will also get some useful suggestions at the end of this blog that will help you transfer ringtones or transfer playlists in a simple and easy way.

Let us begin the syncing process:

Step: 1 Connect your iPhone to PC using a USB

First of all, you need to plugin your iPhone device into your Mac or Windows computer by using a USB data cable. Through this process, you become able to launch iTunes on your PC automatically.

Step: 2 Start iTunes on your PC

In the next step, you have to double-click on the iTunes icon to launch it on your computer if it did not start automatically. Remember to ensure that your iPhone is connected to your computer.

Step: 3 Add ringtones to iTunes

Now, you have to import or add your ringtones stored on your PC to the iTunes library. As you know there is a Tones library along with other libraries including Music, Movies, TV shows, etc. in the iTunes. If you are not able to see it then go to ‘Add ringtones to iTunes.’ Now the tones will get displayed in your music library. You must know that there are three ways in which you can transfer playlists or ringtones from your PC (Windows or Mac) to iTunes.

Method 1: The first way is to go to File menu > select Add File to the library item from the drop down menu.

Method 2: The second way is to press ‘Ctrl+O’ on your keyboard if you want to add ringtones to the library.

Method 3: It is the easiest method to load your ringtones from your computer to the library. To do it simply drag and drop the ringtone file to the library.

Step 4: Shortlist ringtones to sync to your device

You will find your device name listed within the Device section on the menu appearing on the left side of iTunes. Click on your device name and then click the “Tones.” It will open the tab for adding ringtones.

Step 5: Sync ringtones to iPhone using iTunes

It is the final step of this tutorial. Finally, you reach the Sync button, and you have to click it that appears in the bottom right corner of iTunes. By clicking it, you go for syncing all or selected ringtones to iPhones. All the synced ringtones files will automatically start appearing on your iPhone. Now you can start using these ringtones right away from your mobile device instead of your Windows or Mac PC.

Few important tips for ringtones sync

This tutorial for ringtone sync using iTunes is applicable to various models of the mobile devices which include almost all iOS versions such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6, and 6 Plus.

You can also use iTunes as a free ringtone maker by using your music files. You can look for other posts for a tutorial on using free ringtone maker for your iPhone. Once you transfer a ringtone to iPhone, you need to set it as your default ringtone for your device.

However, the above-mentioned tips and tricks are helpful and easy to understand nevertheless if you face any challenge in syncing your ringtones then the ideal way is to place a call to an online technical support helpdesk. Tech experts present with the service providing company will resolve the issue online.

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Useful Tips for Syncing of Ringtones to iPhones Using iTunes
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