A Complete Guide for Installing Printer for Windows 8 PCs

The role of printers in offices and home has increased exponentially with the popularity of PCs and technology of communication and the Internet. Buying a printer is not a big deal but it may create a difficult time for you if you don’t know the appropriate way of installing printer for your Windows PC. But don’t worry as nowadays, printer installation has been substantially streamlined and with most of the printers the process of installing these computer peripherals has become automatic.

installing printer If you have bought a network printer then this blog post, will let you know about the appropriate steps to help you in installing a printer and take the print from anywhere in the world.

How to install network printer for Windows?

Know about network printer

Before you begin the process of installation, it is important to know and understand the functions of a network printer. A network printer is a printer that you install directly on your network of PCs. It is not dependent on whether the computer is on or not as it is related to the network not PCs. But the difficult part of it is that it is not easy to configure. It also becomes difficult if you have an old printer. You can’t configure all printers as network printers.

Now follow the below-given steps to connect your printer to the network.

Usually, there are two ways of connecting your printer to the network. The first is wired, and the second is wireless.

Wired – For wired connection, first of all you have to connect the printer to your network router with the help of Ethernet network cable. In this case, you don’t require doing anything to establish network configuration.

Wireless – In case of wireless installation of a printer, you have to connect your computer peripherals to the wireless network with the help of display screen. Majority of the wireless printers have a small display using which you can find and connect to your home network. Once you get the right network successfully, you will be asked for the password. But if your printer doesn’t have a screen then you require connecting your printer to the computer by using USB and then first configure the device in the Windows.

  • Once you connect the printer to the network, you should open the Control Panel. Using the Control Panel, you will be able to install the printer in Windows if you have connected it to the network in an appropriate manner.
  • After opening the Control Panel, you have to select “Devices and Printer.”
  • Now click on “Add a printer” option

Devices and Printer

  • In the next step, you have to select “Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.”
  • The moment you click on this option, Windows will start scanning for the printer on the network.
  • Since you are a Windows 8 user, then your system will automatically scan for both local as well as network printers. So you don’t require clicking on options to choose printers before connecting to a PC or network.
  • Once you get the list of printers, then you have to select your wireless printer from that list.
  • Now click “Next.”
  • In the next step, you have to install the printer drivers so you must know how to install printer driver. At this stage, Windows may ask you to install the printer drivers. Before moving ahead, ensure that the printer is connected to an active Internet connection and then click “Install Driver.” Once you successfully install the drivers, you will be able to take print from your network printer using any program that supports printing.

supports printing

  • If you don’t have the Internet connection then the alternative way suggests you to use that disc that you had got with the printer to install drivers. Here you must know that not all printers ask for a driver installation.

The tips and tricks mentioned above are explained in a lucid and easy to understand manner, nevertheless you may come across stalemates that prevent the process of installing printer. If you come across any such issue that you fail to fix or troubleshoot at your own then the best way to call a reputed online tech support helpdesk for quick printer support services online.

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A Complete Guide for Installing Printer for Windows 8 PCs
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