Tips to Help You in Syncing of Ringtones to iPhone

Your ringtones are your precious possession, which you never want to lose. But in case when you change your PC or device you face some challenges regarding the syncing of media files including ringtones. Although, it is not very difficult to sync multimedia files including movies, songs, and others but you face challenges when it is about syncing of ringtones.

Apps for Creating Ringtones

syncing ringtones iPhone itunesToday, we get a variety of ringtones to suit our mood and preferences. Usually, we download ringtones from the Internet that are available with variety of sources including iTunes or another music library. However, there are apps and facilities that you can choose to make your ringtone. You can go for Ringtone Maker, an app that will help you get a custom ringtone to suit your choice and preferences. You can also go for Free Ringtone Maker if you are not in favor of spending money to get your ringtone.

Ringtone Maker is also a free if you want an app to create ringtone, alarms and notifications using MP3, 3GPP/AMR, WAV, AAC/MP4 files. Free Ringtone Maker is another app that is of immense use if you want to have some catchy ringtones on your mobile phones. Using this app, you will be able to make your favorite ringtone in various file formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, audio CD and others. The app support many output file formats as well.

How to Sync Ringtones to Your iPhone

Today, everyone wants to brandish an iPhone, and the number of iPhone users is increasing day-by-day. Being an Apple device user is always fulfilling but sometimes, we face issues while using the device. Users usually face troubles while trying to sync the ringtones to their iPhone. If you too are facing issues regarding it then go through this blog.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can conveniently sync your ringtones.

The tips and suggestions given in this blog are helpful to those who are facing issues in syncing of ringtones to their iPhone. You may have created a ringtone by using a paid ringtone maker or free ringtone maker, or you have purchased it from another source. Moreover, you are under the impression that they are in your iTunes library but you are frustrated because they do not appear on your iPhone after syncing. Don’t worry because there might be a variety of reasons behind it that can be fixed.

Below listed are things that you need to check, and follow the suggestions while you are syncing your ringtones.

•    First of all, you need to confirm that the files that you are planning to sync are ringtones and to verify it follow the below process.

•    Right-click on the files in iTunes then choose “Get Info” and then go on the Summary tab where you will find the option “Kind: Ringtone.”

•    If the ringtones that you are planning to sync to your iPhone are the one that you have purchased then, you need to confirm that your PC carries the authorization for the Apple ID(s). As you probably know that the authorization is meant for purchasing the ringtones by navigating to:

iTunes > Store > Authorize this computer.

•    Here, you need to verify that the ringtones are of 40 seconds or less.

•    In the next step, you need to confirm that you have finished checking the box labeling “Sync only checked songs and videos” on the Summary tab appearing within your iTunes sync settings.

•    Next, you also need to check the boxes appearing against each of the ringtones that you plan to sync to your iPhone in the Tones folder available at the iTunes library. (In case you don’t find the Tones folder then again, you need some professional technical support to fix the issue.)

•    Now, you need to confirm that you have duly checked the box labeling “Sync Tones” on the Tones tab within the settings of iTunes sync. (In case you don’t see the Tones tab here then possibly you still haven’t imported ringtones into the iTunes library)

•    In case, you don’t find your ringtone there then you need to first convert them into ringtone. Furthermore, you need to import the files into your iTunes library. You need to apply these steps before you go for syncing process.

Once you apply all the above-mentioned steps then sync your phone. After successful syncing, you will find that custom ringtones are visible at the top of the list. You can access the list by navigating to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

You must take into consideration that a similar set of steps will be used for syncing the ringtones even if you have created it by using Ringtone maker app or Free Ringtone Maker app.

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Tips to Help You in Syncing of Ringtones to iPhone
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