iPad Air 2 Review

Apple iPad Air 2- the much-awaited tablet from Apple’s flagship has recently made a striking entry in the tablet market. The latest device by Apple is looking more promising on design, performance, and productivity fronts. Apple incorporated a Touch ID sensor in its new silver colored iPad mini 3, but the latest iPad Air 2 now comes with the same sensor but in gold-colored chassis. Priced at $499 for 16GB and $828 for 128GB and LTE, the tablet now features a much slimmer design than its first version. The latest gadget comes with a new A8X chip that streamlines performance and improves your work efficiency by empowering double graphics. This slate comes with a 9.7-inch anti-reflective display, a sharp 8-MP camera, and a vast library of apps makes it the undisputed champ.


The iPad Air 2 possesses a new anodized aluminum chassis that is 18 percent thinner than the original Air. Crafted by keeping sturdiness and beatification in mind, the device features shiny, diamond-cut, beveled edges with a case. Carrying a silver back and white front, the device is also made available in gold (white front) or space gray (black front).

Since the company this time has focused on making the gadget profile thin, the silent/rotation lock switch doesn’t exist on the right edge, unlike its previous versions. But, the volume button can be used to make your Air 2 quiet, and a Control Center button is used for rotation lock. Measuring around 9.4 x 6.6 inches and weighing around 15.68 ounces, the Air 2 has an appeal like its predecessors, but profile thinness has been brought down from 0.29 to 0.24 inches.

Touch ID and Apple Pay

iPad Air 2 appsApple iPad Air 2 Touch ID is one of the most requested features for the iPad as it is an amazing feature to unlock the devices with a single finger press. Millions of users possessing iPhone 5s use Touch ID to approve App Store and iTunes purchases, hence, incorporation of this excellent technology was necessary for this upgrade. Touch IDs are also very helpful in making purchases of new apps that support the new Apple Pay service.

Touch ID feature now supports many third-party apps like Amazon, Evernote and Mint, and the excellent news is that iPad Air 2 can make use of it in both portrait and landscape modes. A nice combination of Touch ID and Apple Pay will ensure smooth shopping experience from online retailers. Various apps and the updated versions can be purchased from the web using the Apple Pay support. Users purchasing this device will get access to the currently compatible apps like Groupon, HotelTonight, OpenTable, Lyft, Uber, Target, and Apple Store.


iPad Air 2 displayThe new Air sports the same 2048 x 1536-pixel resolution, but it has made several improvements in the image quality. The new 9.7-inch display features a perfect combination of the cover glass, touch sensor, and LCD and doesn’t have any gaps between its layers. The outcome of the same is a glorious screen with bolder colors, more contrast, and wider viewing angles. Supporting 3.1 Million pixels on its entire surface, the device’s display supports 264 pixels per inch to produce optimal image quality and clarity.

Apple has added an anti-reflective coating to the Air 2′s panel and the device now supports wider viewing angles while placed the tablet on a flat surface. The Air 2 delivered excellent performance with average 368 nits of brightness, a bit higher than the Tab S 10.5, Shield Tablet and Surface Pro 3. The tablet efficiently reproduced 99.6 percent of the sRGB color gamut with excellent color accuracy.


Audio and Camera

iPad Air 2 cameraThe device comes equipped with twin speakers placed on its bottom edge (when laid the tablet in portrait mode.) The speakers produced optimal audio despite being packed in a slim frame. The device’s audio is appreciated for the subtle audio details, optimal bass, and tempo combinations. Various tests done by tech experts portrayed that the volume of the tone played from 13 inches away, registered 81 dB on the Air 2.

The iSight camera in the iPad Air 2 is upgraded from five to eight megapixels and the sensor now supports larger pixels and a new image processor. The FaceTime HD front camera on the Air 2 still restricts itself at 1.2 MP, but comes with an improved low-light performance with larger f/2.2 aperture and backside illuminated sensor.

iOS 8 and Apps

iPad Air 2 ios8The latest slate by Apple has empowered the device with optimal productivity by bridging the gap between the iOS 8 and Yosemite. Its new Handoff feature allows you to continue an email on your tablet, which was started composing on your Mac. Additionally, it also provides you the leverage to accept incoming calls from your iPhone on the iPad Air 2.

The Air 2’s Messaging app now syncs all of your SMS and MMS messages from your iPhone, and also supports various iPhone’s features like voice-recorded notes, sharing files with Macs, or using AirDrop. Incorporation of iOS 8 in the devices offers an iCloud Drive for storing and sharing files and Family Sharing for sharing iTunes. The mobile OS also comes with numerous features and allows you to make Books and Apps purchases that are shared with up to six people.

As Apple and Android faces tough competition while taking about apps, the App Store has now significantly bowled up the Google Play with tablet apps. The company claimed that there are more than 675,000 apps available for the iPad while Google Play Store just showcases 75 options in its Featured Tablet Apps section.

Several apps are now incorporated as a pre-installed feature to enhance performance of Apple Air 2’s A8X chip. The prominent one is Replay from Stupeflix to create a mix of photos, videos and music for sharing with friends via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter. Other apps that are exclusively made available on iPad are Angry Birds Transformers, Paper by FiftyThree, and 1Password.


iPad Air 2 performanceComing packed with the new 64-bit A8X chip, the iPad Air 2 promises to deliver up to 40 percent faster CPU performance and up to 2.5X better graphics, compared to the one offered by the A7 chip. According to various tests conducted by tech experts, the Air 2 is more responsive that boasts fantastic graphics, when used for movie watching or gaming purposes.

The Replay app coming pre-installed on the Air 2 ensures that the tablet can replace your laptop for performing heavy-duty tasks like video editing, playing HD games, or downloading heavy videos. The Apple’s new Metal graphics support in iOS 8 takes performance and graphics compatibility to another level, hence, encourages the product to be claimed as a complete productive solution. The Air 2 supports 16GB of the standard storage, without offering the option to expand the storage while the 64GB at $599 offers great support for apps and games. The company claims that the device can last 10 hours on a charge, when used for productive tasks only.


Apple’s iPad Air 2 is truly the perfect tablet featuring optimal performance, excellent graphics, amazing screen size, and outstanding camera. Allowing you to explore an ultimate combination of form and function, it’s even-thinner design and stylish display makes it an ideal choice for travels, outdoors, and business meets. Talking about performance, A8X processor, 64 GB of storage, and amazing pool of iOS 8 features makes iPad Air 2 a device with robust performance and unbeatable apps. After showing its interest in big-screen phones or phablets, the company is now ready to release its new tablet that lives up to the company’s promise made in the past.

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iPad Air 2 Review
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