What is New About the Latest Nokia Lumia?

Android Smartphone and iOS are majorly sought after Smartphones in the technology market. Even though, one might think twice before purchasing a Windows Phone but there are rapid changes that Microsoft brings to the market. You might want to dig deep when it comes to yet another launch by Microsoft in its Windows Phone flagships. One more addition to its flagship phones is the latest Nokia Lumia 929. This phone is also called the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Let us find out about some fascinating facts about this newly launched Smartphone:

About Nokia Lumia 929

This Smartphone is exclusive for the users of Verizon Wireless; it weighs at 5.86 ounces that is adorned with aluminum ring rimming. The unit is made of polycarbonate chassis that gives this phone a premium look. This Smartphone is available in white and black colors for the moment. This phone is available on two-year contract for $199.

General specifications of this phone include an HD OLED 5-inch screen that is protected with Gorilla Glass, which means more protection to the display from accidentals falls and scratches. One more unique addition to this new handset is that of screen sensitivity. This can be set according to user preference. You can maximize the screen sensitivity so that you can use it even while wearing gloves. This all proves that this new flagship phone by Nokia is capable to stand up to its competitors like iPhone and Android devices in the technology market. Nokia Lumia 929 runs on Quad-core processor Qualcomm processor, it has a RAM of 2 GB and a storage space of 32GB. You can even opt for online storage of up to 7GB that is provided by SkyDrive.

Camera and Camera Apps

Next essential thing to look for in a Smartphone is Camera. Nokia provides you with 20 MP, Carl Zeiss optics that enable in capturing amazing pictures and great video shoots. As soon as you click a picture Nokia stores the image size in condensed form for easy share. The most important thing to notice is the resolution of the picture that is not compromised even after its file size is reduced. This makes it easy to capture videos and pictures that can be shared without any hassle on your social media network immediately.

Interestingly, you will love the ‘swipe-to-zoom’ feature that is available for shooting and still shots alike. If you are the one who is obsessed with capturing selfies then you will love this feature. The feature of Optical Image Stabilization will help you capture good shots without any jittery videos. Other things include controls to enhance pictures like exposure and white balance that are located within camera app. You can choose to change the display size with different given ratios as per your own choice.

The only thing that you might crib about the camera software of Nokia camera app is that of its time lag while you are clicking images. You require to be patient while pressing the camera button or launching the camera app.

Other Features

Audio is one more aspect that Nokia offers its users with enhanced features and components. With four microphones you will be able to listen to flawless sound stereo quality. Even if you are recording, the audio will come out amazing with high quality.

The phone interface that consists of live tiles is easy to organize in your Windows Phone 8 OS. If you are thinking about app that will be compatible with the system then you will be amazed to find 200,000 apps including Instagram.

Apps like Creative Studio helps in photo editing. Moreover, Here Drive helps you get turn-by-turn directions along with Here Maps. Cinemagraph is about blending animation and photo or rather photo animation. MixRadio is about streaming music to your device. Nokia Beamer is about sharing content on bigger screen. All you need to do is launch the Beam.nokia.com and this browser will help you stream content on your desktop. Scan the QR code that comes on the website and you are ready to go.

All that has been said about Nokia Lumia 929 proves that this phone is designed to stand the competition to its rivals. Although, it is still too early to say how this Smartphone will stand against its rivals in market but there are a few things that you would love about this phone. Given the camera quality, sound quality, Nokia apps and display are some of the positives to dwell upon.

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What is New About the Latest Nokia Lumia?
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