Three-Step Guide to Choose Good Antivirus

There are many antiviruses out in the market that are available but the question which one to choose out of these. It is after all a concern for PC security and the protection that an antivirus suite provides. However, if only you know how to choose then you might be able to make the right choice. Given here are a few criteria that you need to keep in mind before you choose an antivirus for your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or your Desktop system.

Free or Paid?

At the time of choosing antivirus software, the foremost thing that comes to the mind is that of making a choice between free version and the paid version of an antivirus suite. It is all about spending money or taking the free version that might seem a better choice if you are not into spending a single penny. Although, there are a few antivirus programs that are good and free version too, seem to be available but the question is of better security.

Free antivirus products are about limited features that provide you with partial protection and security for your device or PC. Here you need to see what all features are provided with the freely available version. Often, the case is that a free version only gives you antivirus detection, scanning and removal. Even though this might seem agreeable but when you look in-depth the protection is not complete which means the antivirus might not give you protection against spams, firewall, phishing and anti-theft tracking features that are often available in the Pro or the paid version. If you are avoiding the annual subscription fee then you are not getting the right protection and risk putting your system in a vulnerable position.

Popular Antivirus Brands

As we all know there are many antivirus programs available online but not all can be trusted. You need to trust only the popular and well-known antivirus brands like Norton, Kaspersky, AVG and the likes of it. Any other brand that is not well known or is not frequently mentioned by majority of users should not be opted for. You need to steer clear off brands that are non-reliable or not popular as these might be hiding malware in the garb of antivirus program.

Programs like Advanced Virus Remover or Antivirus Live are just some examples that are not of repute and give a straight impression of suspicion. These are unknown antivirus programs that will not provide any security but will manipulate your system into opening a gateway to other viruses after installation.

Fake Antivirus Programs

There are a lot of antivirus programs out there that might be fake and you need to know the difference between fake and real. The first thing that you need to know is that any antivirus that is fake is tested by AV-TEST. This program is proficient in performing tests on antivirus products and gives them a rating that is based on the utility, the protection provided and performance of the antivirus. You can check out their recent reports on antivirus programs and look for yourself, which one is performing better.

This way you will be able to choose the best out of the given options avoiding fake antivirus programs. With all that is mentioned above now it must be clear for you to understand how you can choose a good antivirus program without harming your system or mobile device. Follow the above given 3-step guide and you just might not land up with a rogue antivirus disguising as a malware.

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Three-Step Guide to Choose Good Antivirus
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