8 Leading Password Managers For Mac

Have you ever thought that how will you deal with your online banking account, if you forget your username or password to access the same? Majority of the users feel that managing passwords for each website is a difficult and tiring task to do. If you also think in the same way then you must be aware of the password managers that are available over the Internet for free as well as in paid forms. A password manager is custom software that is specifically developed to keep a track of all your passwords that you use over the Internet for accessing various online accounts. This kind of software helps a user to organize passwords and PIN codes, thus, adds an extra layer of security to their user accounts and profiles.

Almost every user of this cyber-oriented world knows the importance of passwords for data security therefore they might always look for such programs that can produce unique passwords. Some of the password managers also provide you the service of creating some unique passwords that will not be created by other such programs over a particular period of time. Deciding the best password manager from a huge pool of available options will be a difficult task for every user, hence, the first thing that you need to do is make a list of your requirements. Once you’ve selected an optimal program for managing all your passwords, you’ll be delighted to know that you don’t have to remember those lengthy passwords anymore.

In this blog, you will read about the best 8 password managers that will help your organize, manage, store, and retrieve passwords on your Mac device.

1. 1Password

Often termed as the powerhouse of password management applications, iPassowrd is widely acclaimed by users for its easy to use interface and excellent security assurance features. Empowered with an anti-phishing and key-logger protection features, the program is capable of generating strong passwords automatically, while keeping the basic criteria of password generation in mind. Made available at a price of $39.95, this software supports all the Mac devices running on Mac OS 10.4 or later.

Developed by Agile Web Solutions, 1Password is compatible with all leading browsers including Safari, Camino, Firefox, OmniWeb, Flock, and others. The unique feature of this software is that it allows you to sync all of your data seamlessly across various computers by making use of SugarSync, Windows Live Sync, Dropbox, and other such services. Although, users might find this application quite expensive than those available in the market, but security is the prime factor that never needs to be compromised with.


  • Provides security, without slowing you down
  • Strong password generator lets you feel safer
  • Browser’s best friend as compatible with most of them
  • Syncs data anytime, anywhere
  • Carries simple tools to ensure paperless storage of all your vital information

2. Pastor

Available for free over the Internet is the Pastor application, which serves as an ideal solution for those who are not interested or willing to pay price for high-end features. The application does not contain as many features as the paid one will have, but it allows you to save and retrieve all your serial numbers, passwords, and web login details.

The interface is quite easy to understand and use, while a built-in password generator is ready to help you while creating unique and untraceable passwords for your online accounts. It can be a great choice for older Mac users, as the program is capable of serving all the Macs that are running on Mac OS 10.2 and above versions.


  • Fully encrypted and password-protected
  • Compatible with all Apple computers running on Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • Store all your passwords, website logins, and serial numbers
  • Built-in password generator for creating unique passwords

3. LastPass

LastPass is an excellent password management tool that supports cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Offered for free, the software is an ideal choice of users when it comes to having a browser extension that can perform most of the features as a desktop application. This software possesses the capabilities to be called as a browser extension and it works amazingly on Windows, OS X, Linux, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (IE).


  • Encourages simple, fast, and effortless browsing
  • Hassle-free login
  • Centralize all your data
  • Store and keep your data safe
  • Generate long and strong passwords

4. SplashID

Priced at $19.95, SplashID offers a secured environment to store your personal information and other important details that have huge loss value, when compromised. Featuring 256-bit Blowfish encryption, the program encrypts the entire sensitive info buckets containing all your PINs, passwords, log-in details, and other such information. Equipped with a strong password generator, the tool is capable of generating untraceable passwords that cannot be framed by any other password generating tool.


  • Lets you synchronize with your iPhone and iPad, Mac, or tablet
  • Manage your records and save encrypted data
  • SplashID Cloud Services keep records secure
  • 24-hour Identity protection services
  • Available for all major platforms

5. KeePassX

KeePassX is an open source solution for all your queries related to password management, data security, and log-in details security. The software is a platform independent program that finds its usage across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. The program is efficient in importing passwords from PwManager (*.pwm) and KWallet (*.xml) files and lets you also export your passwords as text files, while planning to use it on other devices. Password protection and key file features are made available to the user for deploying an added layer of security. Running on all the Mac OS 10.3 or later, the software is available for free and can be easily downloaded from the Internet.


  • Title for each entry for its better identification
  • Improved Search feature to find something in specific groups or in database
  • Sorting entries in groups
  • Password-protected database security and access
  • Import and export of entries
  • Automatic generation of secure passwords

6. Wallet

Developed for Mac OS 10.5 or later, Wallet is a prominent password management application for all the users who don’t want to stick to a particular location. Its ability to sync over MobileMe allows you to add or change one of the entries that have been stored on your Macs and iPhones using your Mobile Me account. The auto-fill feature of this program lets you automatically complete forms within Safari.

Empowered with a clean interface and personal database feature, the software is capable of attaching files to entries and marking entries that are frequently accessed for quick retrieval. Offered at a price of $20.00, the program allows you to search all your information instantly using a simple keyword or the words used in the message/mail.


  • Keep track of and secure your most sensitive information
  • Features 256-bit AES encryption to lock and secure
  • Access Wallet directly from your browser
  • Available on both OS X and iOS

7. Web Confidential

Developed by Alco Blom, Web Confidential is an easy-to-use app for all your sensitive, crucial, and important passwords. The application possesses a high degree of structure and organization that makes a user feel comfortable about the password organization and management procedures. The software will store all your passwords in folders, which can be accessed from the Dock without even opening up the application. Compatible with both Windows as well as OS X, the program allows you to interchange password files to a Windows version. The app is priced at $20.00 and can be used on Apple devices running on Mac OS 10.3 or later.


  • Efficiently stores user IDs, passwords, registration keys, PIN codes, and serial numbers
  • Supports an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Access your information from within your browser and from the Mac OS X Dock
  • Create and generate passwords
  • Encrypts your password files and protects the sensitive information

8. Password Wallet

Programmed by Selznick Scientific Software, the Password Wallet is a password management software that is highly recommended for its quick password retrieval. Featuring a unique auto-typing feature, the application will click a button, open a webpage and type in your login details for your assistance. The program will remember all your user IDs, passwords, and other log-in details to ensure the immediate access, if you’ve lost/forgotten your randomly generated password. Offered at a price of $20.00, the application can run on Mac OS 10.4 or later and can also synchronize all your data on iPod touch/iPhone and Palm OS systems.


  • Retrieve passwords quickly and effortlessly
  • Access all the stored information with a single ‘master’ password
  • Synchronize passwords from your Mac with your iPhone/iPod Touch and other devices
  • Auto-Typing technology ensures high security of passwords

Apart from these, Norton Identity Safe, RoboForm Everywhere 7, Keeper 5.0, Dashlane, F-Secure, My1login, Password Genie 4.0, and MyLOK Personal are some of the other important password managers that can be used. Users can get a wide variety of password management applications that are available for free or with charge and can access various password protection and management tools.

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8 Leading Password Managers For Mac
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