Imagine Tech Support After One Year From Now

As we know Remote technical support is a way to troubleshoot or fix a PC from a remote location. Today, remote tech support is effortlessly available in most of the countries. On confronting any PC or laptop issue, nowadays users don’t get bothered anymore as they know who to dial to get the issue resolved immediately. Through remote desktop connections, different tech support service providers are extending their services to fix variety of problems prevailing to desktop or laptop PCs.

Continuously Evolving Remote Tech Support

The excessive acceptance of remote tech support services in different countries, especially the developed countries, hints towards the further proliferation of this industry in the future. But the way we see Remote desktop support today is the result of consistent changes and development over the years.

Prior to Microsoft, when MS-DOS based systems were in use, telephone support was effective enough to troubleshoot the issues, as the computers were not that complicated. But after the introduction of Microsoft, computers continue to become more complicated with the launch of every new version. There telephone support were failed to be of much help. This brought in the concept of tech support through remote desktop connection. pcAnywhere was one of the first companies that started troubleshooting computer errors through remote access but unlike today, the processes of delivery was very different then.

Likewise, Remote desktop connection support got advanced eventually with the development of RDP protocol by Microsoft. The latest development in remote technical support is web based services, where one computer can establish remote desktop connection with another computer over the Internet and we know it today as online tech support. In light of the heavy development phases of the past, most likely this process will evolve further and get molded in future as well. Taking the cue, let’s discuss what we can expect the tech support system to become after one year from now?

Understanding Remote Technical Support and Its advantages

As mentioned above, modern tech support system is web services based. Hence, the only requirement for accessing the remotely located computer is to have web access through a browser. So software is required to be installed and no changes are required to be done on firewalls.

Simply over the Internet, experts or technicians can create a virtual link with the users’ computer, which is technically known as remote desktop connection. Through this connection, the technician can take control of the user’s mouse and keyboard to troubleshoot the existing problem in that system. Remote tech support is gaining popularity among enterprises and getting more into use because of various reasons:

No Geographic limitation: It has broken down the shackles of geographic boundaries and now anyone at anytime from anywhere can receive tech support.

Fix Different issues:

Online technical support is helpful in resolving a wide wary of computer software related issues such as:

  • Computer virus and spyware removal
  • Computer optimization
  • Windows Registry repair
  • Device driver issues
  • Web related issues
  • Windows security updates
  • Transferring diagnostic and repair applications to the users’ desktop
  • Run virus scans
  • Install antivirus programs
  • Reboot the PC.

Time Saving: It saves the technician from visiting the victim computer at the remote location and also the owner doesn’t require visiting the customer support center.

Reduced costs: Because the delivery is done across the web, so it is very cost-effective as well.

24/7 Assistance: Remote tech support also ensures the 24/7 assistance. Nowadays, computer repair service providers provide 24/7 service to deliver prompt remote technical support.

Good Things to Expect

In the coming year as well, we can expect to receive smoother, faster and prompt online tech support. Statistics shows that customers attitude towards remote support is getting improved as they have started trusting on it. Around 78% of customers find remote customer assistance valuable. This has happened because better online and offline security arrangements have come up and users know that if they use secured remote connections, keep firewall active and install antivirus program, their PCs will stay protected.

  • The services of this industry are likely to get more in demand and to cater the growing demand, the delivery processes may get more sophisticated and perhaps cheaper as well.
  • Security is the major concern when it comes to remote connections. In the next year also, better security arrangements will get available which will make remote tech support more reliable. As app development is getting so popular, perhaps some very useful online tech support comes up.
  • Also, developers are coming up with more advance tools to facilitate easy remote customer assistance.

Possible Dangers

  • Security issue will still remain the prime possible hazard. Because if on one end we can expect about good security arrangements over remote connection, on the other hand the hackers are also working hard to find loopholes and vulnerabilities. Considering cyber crime records of past, most likely it will continue growing in the coming year also. Hence, to tackle it developers need to make online customer assistance more secure.
  • Another limitation is that it can’t repair the hardware problems of a computer and limited to troubleshooting of software issues only. But nonetheless, technology has been an ever surprising entity it will definitely come up with better advances in the field of remote PC repair.
  • As customers have started taking up online customer assistance more frequently and openly, so sensing the scope of illegitimate money making, many cheaters have also entered into this industry. Hence, it is very important that the users cross-check the credentials of its remote tech service provider.

The aforementioned points explain how through remote technical support, computer repair companies are delivering more promising, cost-effective and prompt services to their domestic as well as international customers. Also, it puts light on the benefits that the users are receiving and what can be the possible transformation in the tech support process in the coming year. However, the risk of online security and fear from cyber offenders will be there, so both the credible service providers and customers have to play smart.

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Imagine Tech Support After One Year From Now
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