Useful Tips for Google Users

Google is the most used service when it comes to search engines world over. Most of the technology users vouch for the best search results provided by this search engine giant online. However often it happens that there are some hidden features that even you as a user might not be aware of.

Here is a list of some useful tips that you can apply when you are using Google search.

  • If you are the one who frequently fumbles around with numbers then the calculator function provided by Google is useful for you. You can easily carry out basic calculations as well as complex data that involve ‘Sine’ and ‘Cosine,’ formula. Additionally your numbers can even be translated into binary codes. Try using 12*3 for discovering the binary code for this basic mathematical calculation.
  • For searching something specific like a news item in a given website, then type ‘site: followed by the web-address and then the news you are searching for. This way you will get specific news item in a given website without having to sift through various websites. It is time saving as well as the best way to get a specific results.
  • Searching for time zones is easy if you know how to, all you need to do is write time in <place> and hit search button. As a result, you get to know about zone specific time within a span of few seconds. Now you know that your friend living in that time zone is up early to chat with you or still asleep.
  • Looking for currency conversion or any other conversion is made easy by Google, apply the right formula and it is done. In the search bar type syntax: <amount> <unit1> in <unit2> and hit ‘Enter’ to instantly get the result. Same can be applied for converting centimeters into inches or millimeters.
  • If you are wondering about impressing your foreign friends by replying them in their own language then worry not. Use the translations offered by Google, translate <word> to <language> and hit ‘Enter,’ you are done.
  • We all know how difficult it is to locate a specific file online no matter what format it is saved in. this is easy if you apply this formula <search term> filetype:pdf for searching PDF file or type doc for searching a document online.
  • Planning your vacations but worried about flight status, it does seem stressful at times. However, Google does it easy, just type in the flight details and immediately obtain the latest result. Still worried about the weather that you would need to bear in that city, not to worry type in the name of the city along with the word ‘forecast.’ For example, type New York forecast and you will get the latest weather update. Interestingly you can even search for local movies show timings in your area by typing in movies along with the postcode.
  • Searching for detailed results or related results for a specific subject matter then type the word related: enter the website address and hit ‘Enter.’

All the above-mentioned tips are easy to apply and using these will enhance your Google results. These tips are not only time-saving but also go a long way in fetching you latest, crisp and faster info on your fingertips.

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Useful Tips for Google Users
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