Apple Plans to introduce 13-Inch iPad in 2014: Reports

Apple which has been a pioneer in the tablet segment, by introducing its flagship 10-inch iPad, now plans to launch tablets in bigger sizes to take on rivals like Samsung and others. In November 2012 Apple had launched the iPad Mini, the 7.9-inch tablet to target a particular consumer segment in favor of a smaller iPad.

According to rumors, now Apple plans to launch a 12.9-inch version of the iPad, which will be bigger than the both regular iPad and the iPad Mini. The launch is aimed at targeting a particular consumer group, looking for Apple tablet with larger display.

It is reported that the forthcoming 12.9-inch iPad would be released in October 2014 and it will target the educational market of the entire North America. It is speculated that the rumored Apple large-size and similar 12 and 13-inch devices planned by Samsung will significantly impact the ultrabook demand in 2014. It is expected that a big chunk of the ultrabook users may shift their preference towards the new and bigger iPad.

It is also reported that Apple manufacturing partner Quanta Computer Inc will be providing the touch screen panels for the rumored large-sized iPad. Previously, Quanta was expected to go for either 12.9- or 13.3-inch panels but recent reports have revealed that 12.9-inch display size devices are having better chances of being used with the new iPad.

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Apple Plans to introduce 13-Inch iPad in 2014: Reports
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