Toshiba Encore Vs Dell Venue 8 Pro

After the official release of Windows 8.1, almost every tablet, laptop and notebook manufacturer is heading towards incorporating this latest OS in their devices. But, now the battle has been started between Toshiba’s Encore and Dell’s Venue 8 Pro to get recognized as the best 8-inch Windows tablet. Dell Venue 8 Pro has got attention of a large number of buyers during October 2013, but the announcement of Toshiba Encore, in November 2013 has made a significant impact on its sales.

Although, the battle between the latest tablets empowered with Windows 8.1 has been already fierce, but the promising entry of Toshiba’s new Encore tablet has made it a tough competition for every tablet manufacturer. Considered to be a direct competitor to the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet by various experts, the Encore is a Windows 8.1 device, powered by Bay Trail technology.

In this article, you will read about the comparison of significant features and tech specs of Toshiba Encore and Dell Venue 8 Pro in detail.


Toshiba’s tablet has a 2-MP camera placed on the upper-right corner of the front and the display is surrounded by a series of thick black bezels offering an elegant look to the device. The placement of front camera clearly defines that the tablet is designed for portrait use. Following the ongoing trend Toshiba placed the ‘Home’ button in the center of the bottom bezel for easy thumb use, while the Venue 8 Pro features the same on the top right edge of the slate.

Dell is empowered with an integrated 1.2MP HD webcam located in the front, which offers excellent web chatting support, while the 5MP camera located at the back is ideal for clicking your special moments with ease. The placement of ‘Home’ button in Dell Venue 8 Pro is quite awkward and not appreciated by most of its buyers.

Dimensions and Grip

Measuring around 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.43-inch dimensionally, the Encore is slightly thicker than the Dell’s Venue 8 Pro 8.5 x 5.11 x 0.35-inch frame. The device from Toshiba weighs around 15.7-ounce and is a much heavier slate than the Dell’s 13.6-ounce tablet.

Unlike previous Toshiba tablets such as Excite 7 and Excite Pro, the device is entirely constructed using a silver textured plastic, which ensures a better grip during holding the gadget for longer hours. The Dell’s slate has a thick black bezel, which hosts a 1.2-MP front-facing camera with white LED light mounted at the top right. The back panel of the tablet has small ridges that ensure an easy grip.

Display and Touch

The Encore’s 8-inch display carries a screen resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels with no HD support. Packed with an upgraded OS and other outstanding features, the manufacturers should have focused on incorporating a Full HD display for offering excellent gaming and video experience. The display is very sharp with well-defined edges but if you want to read lots of E-books, then immediately think of upgrading to a higher resolution screen. Empowered with a multi-touch support, the device works excellent while switching between apps and tapping them on the charms bar.

The 8.0 inch tablet by Dell features an IPS Display with Full HD screen. Carrying the same screen resolution like Encore i.e. 1280 x 800 pixels, the device comes with a 10-pt capacitive touch support. Venue 8 Pro has an edge over Toshiba’s tablet in this stream as it features a Full HD display for catering various gaming and video streaming needs.

Performance and Battery Life

 Both the Windows 8 tablets are equipped with a 1.8-GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 processor, 2GB of RAM and an integrated Graphics card. The initial models of both the brands are carrying 32GB of storage, however, they are differently priced. Dell’s tablet is running on Windows 8.1, followed by a 32-Bit architecture, while the Toshiba’s tablet is also running on Windows 8.1, but is followed by a 64-Bit architecture.

The Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet promises a battery life of up to 9.9 hours while the Tablet by Toshiba offers a promising battery life of around 7 hours, during active video playback.

Apps and Software

For offering better entertainment and connectivity experience, the Encore houses a micro SD Card slot, a micro USB port, a headphone jack and physical buttons for volume adjustments. Empowered with the new ‘InstantGo’ technology, the 8 inch tablet by Toshiba wakes up immediately when you need it. Encore keeps all your favorite apps, games, and data ready and up-to-date, even while your tablet sleeps.

Additionally, the Toshiba’s tablet also features Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 versions. A wide array of apps including Netflix, I Heart Radio, Kindle, eBay, Zinio and many others are preloaded on the device. Along with all this, the tablet also incorporates an array of preloaded proprietary software, including Service Station, Book Place, TruCapture and others.

The Dell device comes with a wide array of preloaded Windows apps including SkyDrive, Internet Explorer, Skype, Xbox Music, Microsoft Office and many others. Keeping your health factor in mind, Bing Health and Fitness app for active workout and Bing Food and Drink for diet tips and quick recipe inspiration are preloaded on the device.

A small suite of proprietary apps are preloaded on Venue 8 Pro including the ‘My Dell’ program, which is helpful in scanning, updating software, managing hard drive and many other functions. The Wyse PocketCloud app along with the various popular apps including Twitter, Kindle, Netflix, Facebook are also pre-installed on the device by Dell.

Pricing and Market Strategy

Giving tough competition to Dell on its pricing strategy, a 64 GB model is currently made available for mere $299 by Toshiba, while Dell is offering a 32 GB model at the same price. Toshiba is trying to conquer the market of Dell’s slate by incorporating an 8-MP camera and micro-HDMI ports within the device. Apart from this, Toshiba is also offering a preinstalled Xbox One SmartGlass App and dual mics for best Skype experience. To get maximum consumer attraction, Toshiba’s Encore will be sold with a 30 days of free Skype calling facility.

The Toshiba Encore is carrying all the required features to beat the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Offered with a sharper camera, HDMI out and an excellent support for video calling, the Toshiba’s tablet is smartly priced to conquer the Dell’s predefined consumer base. However, the tablet that Dell is offering is much thinner and lighter in design and is incorporated with a Full HD display. Encore is claimed to have a sleek design paired up with more promising battery life, which is yet to be tested. Many other Windows 8 tablets, including the newly launched Lenovo Miix2 and Acer Iconia W4 are also looking forward to enter in the 8-inch tablet market.

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Toshiba Encore Vs Dell Venue 8 Pro
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