New AMD chips to support wireless display on Windows 8.1 PCs

Innovation at the leading chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is again taking the center stage while the company plans to foray into the PC processor market with their innovative chips based on the Jaguar core. The chips are designed to introduce console-like gaming and wireless display to laptops running on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue).

The three chips – A6, A8 and A10, code-named as Richland which AMD is planning to launch will be 12 percent faster than the previous generation chips named as Trinity that was released in 2012. The company claims that the new chips will boost the graphics processing speed by around 40 percent.

AMD, which is presently striving to survive the financial hardships is banking a lot on the newly introduced chips and expects that the PC business would be revived.  PC shipments have been consistently dropping and the company is losing its market share to another leading chipmaker, Intel.

AMD Wireless Display is projected by the company as a unique feature of the Richland chips that can support the wireless beaming of images from PCs to TVs. According to AMD, this feature will be supported by laptops running on Windows Blue introduced in 2013. Because of the Wireless Display feature, users will be able to wirelessly stream anything that they watch on their laptop to TVs.

Reportedly, Microsoft is all set to release a preview of the Windows 8.1 OS code-named as Windows Blue. The forthcoming OS will be available to existing Windows 8 users as a free software upgrade.

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New AMD chips to support wireless display on Windows 8.1 PCs
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