The best and fastest browser for Internet browsing in 2013

Which is the best and fastest browser for internet browsing in 2013? This is an important question in the mind of every internet visitor today. As we all know that the browser is a tool or software which we essentially require for accessing the web from our desktop or laptop PC. The role and significance of browsers have increased substantially today because most of the security lapses take place through the browser. The security vulnerabilities of the browser are mostly responsible for the attacks conducted by hackers.

Internet Explorer (IE) is the most used browser today which comes bundled with the Windows OS by default. Other browsers which are giving tough competition to the IE include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. These two are also popular and used by huge number of users globally. But the question still remains that which is the best internet browser available in 2013.

Below mentioned is the brief description of the top 3 internet browsers available in 2013:


Firefox is a leading browser which has a usage share of around 21% as per a statistics released for March 2013 (source: It offers attractive features such as tabbed interface, pop-up blockers/built-in multiple search tools and built-in RSS reader.

Firefox offers convenient browsing experience to the user with an innovative bar. It allows you to go to your favorite website even if you don’t remember the URL exactly. You have to simply type the term in the address bar and the browser will return you with the possible matches from which you can choose the one you are searching for.

You would find its performance quicker than other browsers. It provides you faster start-up, quick loading of graphics and better speed of page loading. You are also offered private browsing feature which lets you hide your browsing history.

Internet Explorer

The latest IE version which has been introduced with the Windows 8 operating system is the IE 10. Its predecessor IE 9 has shown very good improvement over the IE 8. At one point of time it was the leading browser but gradually it has started losing its user base. Presently, it has a usage share of 29.3%, which is the second highest after the Google Chrome.

IE 9 is equipped with a new navigation bar with a better design. Like Mozilla, IE also offers tabbed browsing. The graphic capabilities and performance of the IE 9 has been improved substantially to let users enjoy competitive browsing. Because of this you enjoy high definition videos smoothly, better and responsive graphics and unprecedented website interaction.

Furthermore, the installation of IE 9 has been improved from its previous versions. IE 9 offers tabs with color coding that helps you identify tabs easily and organize your browser effectively. It is especially helpful when you are browsing a number of webpage simultaneously. It also offers ActiveX filtering for secure browsing. It allows you to determine that which ActiveX you want to run on the browser which effectively improves the PC security.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a leading web browser offered by Google. It offers a lot of attractive features. Google Chrome is the leading browser of the world today with more than 38% of the usage share as per the data released for March 2013 (source:

First of all Google Chrome offers better speed for loading web pages. It has been designed to perform quicker starting from launching from desktop, loading web pages and running even complex applications. It provides better security to the users with its advanced and innovative security features. It protects you from phishing or malware by showing you a warning message immediately after you visit any website which is suspected to carry malware or phishing.

It offers you the facility of private browsing in case you don’t want anybody to see your browsing and downloading history. To keep your browsing history private you have to just switch your browser to “incognito mode.” Moreover, the cookies created while browsing in incognito mode also get deleted automatically when you close all open incognito windows.

On the basis of the above discussion it seems that all three browsers including Firefox, IE and Google Chrome offer almost similar features with little deviation. All offer features like tabbed browsing, private browsing and better rendering of graphics and color. But if the question is about choosing the first among equals then you may go for the Google’s Chrome for its better security features coupled with easy customization options.

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The best and fastest browser for Internet browsing in 2013
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