PC users have to spend $22 million for preventing malware in 2013: Study

According to a recent study, consumers in 2013 will have to spend around $22 billion on checking malware attacks in 2013. At the same time companies will be investing more than $114 billion in dealing with malware and other similar online threats.

The research, which is conducted by well-known market research group IDC and commissioned by Microsoft Corporation revealed that chances of malware infection has increased in the current year and now one in every three consumers and three in 10 businesses is likely to get infected from malware.

In a release Microsoft has said, “Consumers will spend 1.5 billion hours and USD 22 billion identifying, repairing and recovering from the impact of malware, while global enterprises will spend USD 114 billion to deal with the impact of a malware induced cyber attack.”

Around 32 percent of the survey respondents said that their PCs come without operating systems security and 12 percent of the respondents told that they did not install security updates. Furthermore, around 70 per cent of consumers who were using pirated software told that they had problems with it.

It was also revealed by the survey results that around 64 percent of the respondents who were using pirated software had experienced security issues and another 45 percent said that their PCs were slowed down because they installed counterfeit software.

Talking about the increasing PC security issues because of the software piracy, John Gantz, chief researcher at IDC said, “Some people choose counterfeit to save money, but this ‘ride-along’ malware ends up putting a financial and emotional strain on both the enterprise and casual computer users alike.”

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PC users have to spend $22 million for preventing malware in 2013: Study
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