Windows Blue leaks signal changes in Windows 8 design and features

According to rumors and feature specific leaks related to Windows Blue, the technology industry is casting many guesses about the kind of changes, users can see in the design and features of Windows 8 in the coming time. Leaks suggest that now the Windows Start screen will appear with both bigger as well as smaller Tile setups apart from an additional snap view and additional options for PC personalization. Leaks also indicate about the possible launch of IE 11, the latest Microsoft web browser.

Windows Blue is expected to be the next big OS release from the house of Microsoft after Windows 8 which was launched in October last year. If leaks are believed to be true then users will get to see both large and small Live tiles icon on the Windows 8 start screen. Moreover, users will get enhanced user control for color personalization and improved options for style settings. It is also strongly probable that the users will get options to enjoy an additional snap view for placing app in a definitive manner.

According to a well-known industry expert, “Microsoft appears to be adding all of the necessary settings required to ensure tablet users don’t have to drop to the desktop Control Panel to change things.”

If rumors hold truth then Internet Explorer 11 is the next thing that is in the pipe line. It may be launched with the new build of the operating system. Apart from these, there are changes in the Charms that will now include the new ‘Play’ and ‘Screenshot’ options and in the options for the Microsoft SkyDrive services.

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Windows Blue leaks signal changes in Windows 8 design and features
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