Best 5 apps for your iPod Touch

To find the right app suiting your requirement on the iTunes App Store is not at all easy. You would find it really challenging to find out any one particular app out of 500,000 to add to your iPod Touch. There are variety of apps related to variety of fields and requirements. You get dozens of apps for every request you make on the app store. These results offer similar looking features that make you puzzled before you choose any one out of them for your Touch device.

In this article you would find information about a few expert-picked apps that can make the task of choosing useful apps from a long list a bit simpler. These apps have been picked on the basis of their feature, design and suitability for your Touch device.

Find below the 5 lifestyle and utility apps that you can use with your iPod Touch:

Sleep Cycle (Cost – $1)

According to physicians and experts, a sound sleep is the first requirement for a sound health. This app suits you perfectly if you are one who doesn’t know exactly when to wake up or you are not able to take your complete quota of sleep. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a useful app which ensures that you wake up with a fresh mood every day.

The app first analyzes your sleep pattern and then decides your sleep duration so that you wake up fresh. It can make huge difference to your sleep behavior and keep you agile for the entire day.

Skype (Free)

Do you know that you can use your Touch as a device for making video and voice calls and text chatting on Skype? If these things interest you then certainly the Skype app will also interest you, which is available for iPod Touch on app store without any cost and can be used over Wi-Fi. If you are ready to spend just a few bucks then you can also use your device to call mobile as well as landline numbers.

However, your iPod Touch is not suitable for making calls when you are out because of three things – low volume, placement of the microphone and the requirement for Wi-Fi. But if you are at home or office within walls, your Touch can perfectly work for making calls. The Skype app for Touch would prove to be a boon in such situation.

Flipboard (Free)

If you are a news buff who always starts the day with the newspaper in hand, the Flipboard app is just perfect. It is a freebie which can get news pieces for the user using various channels and sources. It can also be integrated with the social media platforms to keep you updated with the developments posted at Facebook, Twitter etc.

The news clippings and stories are presented in a lucid manner featuring a flip animation. Using the flip animation you would be able to go through various sections of the app and grab all news and latest developments. So grab the app for free and catch up with the latest news pieces.

Xfinity TV Player

This app is meant for your iPod Touch if you are an Xfinity or Comcast subscriber. Using this app you can get content on demand directly onto your device over Wi-Fi if your device running on iOS 5 or later. You can choose TV series and movies from TBS, HBO, Cartoon Network, BBC America, Starz and others. You also enjoy basic parental control features with the app to keep your children away from adult contents.

Netflix  (Free)

Netflix is another useful app which you must have on your iPod Touch of iPhone. The latest version of the app has been introduced in late 2012 by the internet streaming giant Netflix. The new app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch running of iOS 5 or later.

You find a row appearing at the top of the new iPod Touch app which lets you enjoy watching TV shows and movies without any pause. The best thing about this app is that it allows the user to resume a movie or TV show from the same point where he left it last time. So you can watch a movie in parts without worrying about where you left it last time.

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Best 5 apps for your iPod Touch
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