YouTube claims to cross the threshold of 1 billion hits in a month

YouTube, the video sharing site of Google claims to cross 1 billion hits within a month. According to YouTube, now more than 1 billion internet users are visiting the online video sharing site every month. The site that was launched in 2005 has achieved unprecedented popularity during its journey of last 8 years for showing all categories of video content containing A to Z.

YouTube announced this feat during an event in Santa Monica California that was meant to recognize advertisers and featured performances from some titans of the web. The achievement adds flavor to the service offered by YouTube and takes the site one step ahead to help it become one of the dominant online media forces.

YouTube achieved this milestone just after six months the Facebook announced that the social networking website has crossed 1 billion visitors for the first time. This rare landmark will now provide Google, the owner of YouTube another channel of selling Internet ads after the Google search engine.

YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.76 billion when the video sharing website had around 50 million users worldwide.

Commenting on the channel funding strategy of the site Robert Kyncl, vice president and global head of content partnerships at Google/YouTube said that however YouTube has been committed to continuing to invest in content but now greater part of such investment would be allocated to those channels that have proven their capability to become successful at building an audience on their own.

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YouTube claims to cross the threshold of 1 billion hits in a month
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