ESET Smart Security 6: Review

ESET Smart Security 6 is one of the best all-in-one internet security programs for your PC. It features all important security components such as antivirus protection, spam filter,


Internet Security suite with unique Anti-theft feature

firewall, parental control and privacy protection. The USP of the new ESET Smart Security 6 security suite is its anti-theft feature. This is the most exciting feature of the suit which is priced at as low as $59.99 for one PC and one year. The anti-theft feature helps you

recover your lost or missing laptop and also provides tools that help you recover the lost or stolen device. Apart from it you also get personal firewall as well as anti-phishing feature to keep your data away from the clutches of identity theft and other online scams.

Lets evaluate various security components of this modern all-in-one security suite:

Antivirus protection

Like its predecessor, ESET Smart Security 6 also offers decent antivirus protection if not great. It is very effective in detecting as well as preventing viruses before they infect your PC. According to reports, it is capable of removing malware on most of the occasions. The customer support is truly useful and is equipped with variety of diagnostic and remedial tools.

According to analysts, the new ESET security suit can detect around 76 percent of the malware and it was also found effective for malware cleanup. It was found slightly above than average in protecting PCs from viruses. However, it is not as good as the Norton Internet Security 2013 but was found very close to other security programs such as Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete and Norton Internet Security 2013.

Malware protection

ESET Smart Security 6 has ample features for protecting PCs from malware. It is capable of blocking downloads at the URL level and thus keeping malware out of the system. It can easily find out and wipe out potent threats from the downloaded stuff before installation. During various tests, it has been found very effective with the capability of blocking 90 percent of the malware. It fares above average in blocking and detecting malware but still lots can be improved in this suite to duly match its rivals.

Anti-phishing protection

ESET Smart Security 6 offers advanced anti-phishing protection that brings the program close to leading security suites. In case you accidentally click on a link that takes you to a malicious web page or site, the phishing protection of this suite redirects you to a safe warning page.

The antispam component of the ESET’s security suit filters spams come through the POP3 or IMAP email accounts and in some cases only POP3. The antispam component gets integrated with the Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail and Thunderbird. Users having a different e-mail client need to define a message rule to get the marked spam messages into their personal folder.

Parental control

The parental control feature offered with the ESET Smart Security 6 is simply good. It is designed to deny access to websites in 31 different categories. It can select categories by default depending upon the age of the child. It can also block login to various websites.

Its content filtering feature has nothing to do with the browser. Unlike parental control systems offered with other suits, ESET security suit can filter out only inappropriate HTTPS websites. To be precise, the ESET security program can block secure anonymizing proxy sites that otherwise provide unfiltered internet access to a teenager.

On the basis of above discussion and analysts’ observations, it is clear that the new ESET Smart Security 6 is not only equipped with all the required components of a regular security suit but also offers an additional anti-theft component to help users recover their lost or stolen PC. Its lab results have shown encouraging scores that can prompt the users to go for this security program especially if you want anti-theft feature in your security suite.

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ESET Smart Security 6: Review
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