Samsung introduces the new smartphone with a bendy display

It seems that innovation begins with Samsung products. Now it is a smartphone with flexible or bendy display that has been unveiled by Samsung. During the CES 2013, which took place in Las Vegas recently, Samsung unveiled a prototype mobile phone with a flexible display. The display of this phone is flexible to such an extent that you can fold this phone almost like a piece paper. The phone was displayed by the Korean electronics giant on January ‘09 during its keynote presentation at the event.

The smartphone has been introduced with unique display that is bendable, flexible and foldable. The device was revealed by the Samsung device head, Stephen Woo and lab lead, Brian Berkeley during the CES. This genre of flexible screens has been branded as ‘Youm’ by Samsung and are designed to deliver rich and crisp displays with more options of form factors.

The bendy display phone was revealed while being attached to a box containing the processor. This seems to be a downside of this device making it cumbersome. The smartphone display was shown to be capable of being bent without any noticeable distortion to the icons and colors appearing on the display. This is another remarkable feat of Samsung which is currently concentrating more on making displays by trying different form factors to completely alter the way in which a consumer looks at any display.

Samsung had been working on flexible displays for many years and it has previously released a video to let users know about some potential applications that can be used on bendy smartphones or tablets.

Commenting on the launch Samsung said, “The Youm technology will allow our hardware partners to create a whole new range of devices with “bended, foldable and molded screens. This is very exciting, though the “box containing the processor” part is a bit of a downer. But until you have bendy silicon too, it’s not really feasible.”

Apart from Samsung there are several other companies including LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Nokia are working on this new technology but according to rumors, Samsung will be the first to release it finally. Samsung has always recommended the manufacture of smartphones with a so-called flexible OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology-based display. The Korean electronics giant seems confident and positive about their pioneering role in making this technology popular worldwide.

The smartphone is expected to be available for consumers in the first half of 2013. Detailed information of its specifications and price is still awaited.

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Samsung introduces the new smartphone with a bendy display
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