Apple to launch iPhone 5S with more features in July 2013: Reports

Apple has launched its latest iPhone 5 barely five months ago from today and now it plans to bring its successor by introducing the new and improved iPhone 5S. According to expert reports, Apple is already working on to launch the new version of iPhone as well as the next generation iPad and iPad Mini later this year.

Apple is working on an iPhone 5 successor by adding many improved features including snappier processor, fingerprint sensor, advanced camera and powerful LED flash. Experts say that the acquisition of Authentec by Apple in 2012 would also give the electronics giant an upper hand in providing better fingerprint recognition system with the upcoming device.

It is expected that the new iPhone will be cheaper than the current iPhone 5. However, the device will be similar to the current iPhone but it will a bit stockier. The aluminum body and 7.6mm waistline used with the iPhone 5 will be replaced by a plastic casing that will measure 8.2mm around the sides. Apple will launch this device in six colors to provide consumers liberty to choose the smartphone in their favorite colors.

A well-known technology blog has also reported that the new iPhone would be launched with an upgraded camera sensor to support the powerful 13MP Sony camera. The reports revealed that the two prototype smartphones, which are under development at Apple has been named as N51 and N53.

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Apple to launch iPhone 5S with more features in July 2013: Reports
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