Android Armour Antivirus 1.7.0: An ideal security suite for your device

Recent statistics released by security firm Kaspersky Lab revealed some alarming developments that challenge the security and privacy of Android smartphones. The Lab has detected as many as 5441 malware apps in the first quarter of 2012 that speak volumes about the intention of these malware authors. If reports are believed to be true then the security and privacy of your device is at stake. To prevent any unpleasant situation you have to secure your phone with a reliable antivirus program. As we all know that not all programs are capable to provide the most fool proof security. Therefore you have to conduct bit of research to find out the best of the lot.

Android Armour Antivirus 1.7.0 is a reliable antivirus software for Android phone users and it  is free to download. This means that you will be charged no licensing fee for using this antivirus program.

If you are still using a single antivirus database program then the time has come to get yourself updated. By choosing this advanced Android security and antivirus program you can enhance the security of your device manifold times. First and foremost you are provided with a free access to more than thirty antivirus databases that get updated in real-time. These databases are maintained by major brands in the antivirus industry.

Once you have downloaded and installed this security app, every app on your device will be scanned individually to prevent any chance of privacy and security lapses. If any app is found to be posing a security threat related to virus, malware, adware, insecure setting or any other issues, it would be immediately removed from the device. This way it stops the threat before it propagates itself to cover more areas of your device.

Features and advantages

First of all this security app for your Android device comes absolutely free. It scans all the apps stored on the device against all current antivirus databases. The free scan will give you mental peace as you would be able to know about the security status of your device. Scanning keeps you aware about virus, malware, spyware, adware and other infections.

Even if issues are spotted during scanning, the app will help you remove the malicious apps and know more about their sources and nature. Once you come to know about their details it becomes extremely easy to get hold of them and drive them away from the device. With this free security app you get real-time security and scanning of any app that you have on your device. Scanning is quite customizable and you can set the app for scanning at an interval of every 12 hours. It is an automatic process that requires the very least human intervention.

Why it is important to secure your device?

Your data privacy and data security means a lot to you. You cannot afford to lose bank details, important passwords, credit card information, contacts and any such information.  To prevent this, you need to  get protection within time as it might cost you more if something unpleasant happens when you are not shielded against these. It is indeed scary to know that the mean cost to consumers due to identity fraud has increased to as high as $631 (source: Identity Theft Assistance Center). With the mean identity theft cost rising to such a high level, it is quite understandable how expensive it can turn out to be if you have not protected your Android device.

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Android Armour Antivirus 1.7.0: An ideal security suite for your device
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