Top ten Windows 8 touch app to add your convenience

Microsoft launched the Windows 8 Release Preview (RP) in the beginning of June 2012 giving quite an insight into its features and design. Since it has been already many days you might have learnt a lot about the OS and probably started planning to use it in the way Microsoft has planned especially its Metro environment for the touch users.

If compared to the existing mobile devices operating system such as Android from Google and iOS from Apple, only half the work is accomplished. These operating systems are prevailing in the industry with thousands of utility apps that remain the cornerstone of their grand success. To make Windows 8 a success, Microsoft has to get help from third-party apps that will go with the touchscreen-friendly interface. Windows 8 Store has many such apps that can add to the convenience of the users. Below mentioned are the ten best apps that you must try with the Windows 8 touch OS.

1. Cookbook

If you are an ardent food lover who loves experimenting cooking styles, this app is not to be missed out. By taking this app with your Windows 8 tablet into the kitchen you can enjoy many new recipes and flavors. This app carries an amazing interface that is powered by BigOven. It enables you to access more than 200, 000 recipes right at your fingertips.

2. Sky News

If you are one of those who love tracking news as well as national and international developments then Sky News is a necessity for you. You will find the layout of the app very similar to the iPad version that makes it convenient for you to track news and stories that you have worked on the iPad.

3. Cut the rope

Cut the Rope is a popular gaming app used by Android and other users. This time it has been designed for Windows 8 tablet users. Its’ graphics look amazing and is eye catching enough.

4. Kindle

Every major mobile platform offers Kindle. So getting it on the Windows 8 touch version is not at all a surprise. Its library interface gives it an amazing look and the app is very useful in storing books and arranging them as per the user’s preference. Using the app, you can not only store the books locally rather also pin them to the Start screen for easy access.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a useful app for managing and storing notes. It is typically very useful for students or office goers who need to keep and arrange various types of notes. It helps you remove the clutter from your system and manage notes effectively. However, the current version of the app does not offer much about creating and editing notes yet its sleek interface makes navigation easier.

6. Fit Ball

Fit Ball is an ideal app for people who want to remain fit without stepping out of their room. You simply require to stand in front of your screen and launch this app.  This app will use your webcam to track you. It allows you to make your way through various levels. Using Fit Ball is really fun.

7. Tweetro

Tweetro is a Twitter app available with Windows 8 tablets. Users have found it very useful as this was in use by Android users. By using this Twitter app you can post status updates, view recent photos and follow your timeline. The Metro’s side scrolling interface in Windows 8 makes this app more attractive and user-friendly.

8. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja may not be so exciting if you are using a mouse to play with this gaming app but it is fabulous if used on a touchscreen device. For Windows 8 users, it will be very similar to the iPad version. If you have played it on iPad before then you will find it very friendly and easy to navigate.

9. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is an interesting and useful app that lets you know about the current climatic as well as weather conditions. It has been designed to benefit Windows 8 users by updating them with local and foreign weather reports. As it has been designed for 1,366×768-pixel displays, you may get to see the  unsightly box effect if your screen is of higher resolution. You can go through the live weather information through a tile on your Start screen without opening the app.

10. National Rail

You should have this app on your Windows 8 tablet if you are travelling by trains on regularly and making use of the services of National Railways often. It’s a railway enquiry app that provides you information related to the current location of the train as well as the timetable for arrival and departure. Using the GPS it lets you know about the nearest train to your current location.

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Top ten Windows 8 touch app to add your convenience
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