OS X Mountain Lion Finally Released For Consumers

The latest desktop OS from Apple, OS X Mountain Lion is all set for release to the general public. The much awaited operating system, which was first announced in February 2012, will have lots of iOS features built into it. Apple wants to make its desktop OS very similar to its hugely popular mobile counterpart. The iOS inspired features on OS X Mountain Lion include a new notification center, iMessage, reminders, built in apps for Facebook and Twitter and more.

Mac users will now have the privilege to share and sync media content like music, photos, etc. with iCloud, that will come integrated with the OS X Mountain Lion. The new OS will also support cross-platform communication. Users can send messages using the iMessage app to people who use Macs, iPads and iPhones. The OS is available for download from the Apple App Store.

Tech reviewers had earlier suggested that OS X Lion would be the last one to succeed the OS X series of operating systems since Apple is planning for a multi-platform operating system to run both the desktops and mobile devices. This move was to some extent driven by Microsoft’s initiative to launch Windows 8 which is supported by desktops, tablets and smartphones.

At the time of its third quarter earnings, Apple announced the OS X Mountain Lion. The earnings did not turn out to be as per the expectation as Apple witnessed a 5 percent drop in its shares during the afterhours of trading. Nevertheless, the sales of Mac went up.

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OS X Mountain Lion Finally Released For Consumers
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